Terrorism: What is it - Research Paper Example

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Terrorism cannot be described by one single definition. There are as many definitions as there as studies or research projects in the field. The most authentic and acceptable one is should have the characteristics of…
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Terrorism: What is it
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"Terrorism: What is it"

Download file to see previous pages The forms such as nuclear terrorism, eco-terrorism and cyber terrorism are only incidental to the above kinds of terrorism. Terrorism is not an end but a means to an end.
Terrorism has been happening sporadically and it received worldwide attention only a decade ago when the now well-known 9/11 attack took place in the U.S.A. Perhaps it must be happening now almost every day, hour or even second at some place or other in the world that it has become imperative to study about its incidence just as in the case of any other menace. It is all the more important for the military professionals who are supposed or trained to be more concerned with traditional warfare to know about machinations of terrorism now that it has become a regular feature of proxy war. The main difference known to a layman between warfare and terrorism is that the former takes place at the borders among the militia and the latter on the civilians.
After the 9/11 attack, the world woke up to the reality and the nations are in a permanent State of emergency. This situation is worse than the State of war which would take place only and mostly after declaration by warring nations who would follow treaty protocols during the warfare. Terrorism is in nascent stages so to say that at present lawlessness prevails without any warning most of the times. To say that the already unbearable and devastating terrorism of the present magnitude is in nascent stages, it goes beyond human imagination what would be the scenario of a full-blown terrorism. Needless to say military professionals are the most competent deal with terrorism. This research therefore aims to study what terrorism is.
Terrorism has been difficult to understand even in the aftermath of an attack as it defies rational analysis But analysis is necessary to fight against terrorism that is indefinitely hanging over as the sword of Damocles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Terrorism: What Is It Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 12500 Words. https://studentshare.org/military/1616198-terrorism-what-is-it.
“Terrorism: What Is It Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 12500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/military/1616198-terrorism-what-is-it.
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...English Terrorism Introduction Terrorism had caused great dilemma to mankind. It has been rampant in the news recently. When onehears of the word “terrorism”, several things would come into one’s mind. One may think of Osama Bin Laden upon hearing the term for he is considered as one of the notorious terrorist of all time and many people believe that he was the one who fueled up acts of terrorism in any part of the globe. His infamous act of terrorism has also been one of the most tragic and heart-breaking incident that marked the pages of world history and that is, the 9/11 attack, which is considered as one of the apparent examples of...
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...? Terrorism Terrorism A risk assessment is an essential measure of identifying mitigation steps and procedures. Terrorism is no exception to this rule. A conventional procedure of risk assessment encompasses the analysis of motives, capabilities, opportunities and targets. To prevent the acts of terrorism, especially nuclear terrorism, law enforcement and intelligence agencies should define the scope of skills and resources needed to executive a successful attack, the signs and symptoms of an intention to conduct an attack involving nuclear materials, access and availability of nuclear weapons among terrorist groups, as well as the locations that are most likely to be targeted. Since its inception, the nuclear bomb has been one... of the...
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...?Introduction Terrorism refers to the use of unlawful violence and threats to intimi governments and the society at large so that unpopular ideologies can be recognized (Hoffman, 2003). Terrorist activities have continued to claim the lives of innocent civilians, especially due to the fact that such criminals are always brutal when it comes to executing their plans to the extent of committing suicide in the process. To them, success is when a maximum number of casualties are recorded in a single strike as they view this as a positive development towards convincing their targets, who may be forced to soften their stand on the issue in dispute so as to protect life. This paper is a critical evaluation of terrorism and the factors... that...
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...?  TerrorismTerrorism Question I believe that terrorism as a criminal activity that can be committed domesticallyhas changed policing. This is because law enforcement agents face the unpredictable condition of having to immediately deal with crisis situations, which are both crimes and war. This new pattern of crime has surpassed the previous clear boundary between law enforcement and national defense. Therefore, the notion of policing is changing to incorporate a wider range of risks than in previous times. Terrorism has made numerous public law enforcement agents to go back into the community, for example, rather than responding to calls or riding on...
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...The answer to what the Tamil Tigers are rallying for lies within a ive approach of the subject. The Tamils of Sri Lanka and south India may see them as the soldiers fighting for the ethnic group’s liberation, while government officials may see them as terrorists. The phrase in the book “Harry’s Game” is often quoted when analyzing such distinctions. Seymour writes, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” (Seymour). However, Daniel Larison sees this phrase as a cliched one, since it undermines the political reality that often groups fighting for a noble cause can employ tactics that spread terrorism (Larison). The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), or the Tamil Tigers are known to be the pioneers of...
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...Terrorism The terms “terrorism against women and children” and “the terrorist act committed by women and children” can be understood as similar and different at the same time. First, many women and children become the victims of terrorism, for example, when terrorists attack private houses where women and children stay, or schools, which are usually full of children. On the other hand, the definition “terrorism against women and children” also has the meaning that is not closely connected with terrorism as the act of violence. The term can be used when we are talking about the violence and cruelty against women and children that they may face in our...
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...Terrorism The events of 9/11 were a realization that the concept of Homeland Security was increasingly becoming a fallacy and that the key riskslay in the management of the airline and airport security in the West. This was mainly due to outsourcing security agreements to Private sector contractors and their recruitment of minimum wage workers.However post 9/11 there has been a major debate as to the causes and impacts of terrorism upon a society and the role of the Governmental agencies in preventing such risks. According to Hansen;(2002) the word terror comes from the Latin word terrere, meaning, "to frighten." Melanie (1998) in a qualitative and quantitative investigation of the "Fear...
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...Terrorism al Affiliation October 17, Terrorism Question Explain why it is so difficult to define the concept of terrorism with agreed-upon precision? According to Yungher, it is hard to define the concept of terrorism due to its changing nature with every new day. Terrorism is changing with the terror groups changing their methods of striking and the reasons for attacking. It has therefore been used to destabilize governments and express the feeling of certain classes in the society. Question 2: Discuss the reasons some groups pursue political goals by using violence of the type described as...
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...Terrorism Introduction Nations spend millions of dollars on the maintenance of their security; this is majorly due to security challenges posed by terrorist threats both to the economic and social well-being of the country. The approaches used by terrorists in the implementation of terror have taken a dynamic twist owing to the improvement in technology; thus, terrorist apply the use of modern technology to a greater deal in the implementation of their acts. The formation of terrorist groups has been on the rise particularly among the Arab nations making understanding of terrorism to be one of the most crucial issues in the management of governments (Pilat, 2009). In an attempt to...
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...Terrorism Affiliation Introduction Domestic and international terrorism differ in the scope of operations as well as the motives ofthe terror groups behind attacks. Domestic terror is focused on geographical boundaries or territories. General motives of domestic terrorism is to defy government, corporate, and social norms to either pass a message or to persuade an entity into assuming a specific form. International terror on the other hand, is mostly political in nature and focuses on the launch of hate attacks against governments, citizens, economies, and infrastructure. The motive of international terror is to...
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