The Lack of Combat Support in Armed Conflicts in Africa - Essay Example

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The author of the current essay "The Lack of Combat Support in Armed Conflicts in Africa" underlines that Africa has always been the focal point of militia and rebel riots where different tribes have continuously fought with each other for their freedom and rights…
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The Lack of Combat Support in Armed Conflicts in Africa
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Download file to see previous pages There are instances of people becoming homeless and suffering a lot from these attacks in Africa. (Gulliver, P H., 1969)
Before going into the depth of why these rebels take place in Africa and how they violate human rights, let’s discuss what is Africa Militia? Africa Militia consists of two groups (Somali triggermen group and PRF group). Both of these groups operate collectively in Africa a unified mission that is Hit and Run and Fatal Extraction and also execute plans separately against PMC. The Announcer of Africa Militia in Multiplayer is the Waraabe. Nobody knows the right origin of these rebels but a prediction prevails that they might be from Sierra Leone or Somalia. This militia has been conducting vicious crimes in Africa for a long time not and this could be seen in the Back on The Grid, where a couple of executions were witnessed such as setting civilians on fire by dousing them in gasoline. The militia works with the assistance of Makarov, which is a guide to transferring chemical weapons into the continent of Europe. (Collins, Robert O, 1997)
The Militia of Africa is somewhat like the Militia of Brazil because both assisted Makarov in indirect ways such as the leader of Brazilian Militia supplied Makarov with ammo and weapons which aided Africa to transfer chemical weapons into Europe. Both of these groups have two different missions on their campaign and their leaders should be murdered. These leaders are Rojas at the beginning of Hornet’s Nest and Waraabe by Price. (Collins, Robert O, 1997)
Armed militia in Zimbabwe has attacked camps which were set for people fleeing from the post-election violence in Zimbabwe. Human rights were largely exploited in Zimbabwe and were murdered in Gokwe, north of Harare. Also, in Ruwa masked men were found to be beating people who sought refuge at the embassy of South Africa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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