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Impact of Technology in War - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Impact of Technology in War" explores the place of technology in war. It is stressed here that the use and application of technology in war is instrumental to the design and production of sophisticated weapons for massive destruction.  …
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Impact of Technology in War
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Extract of sample "Impact of Technology in War"

Download file to see previous pages Historical findings denoted that ancient mechanisms of handling war and the materials derived complications deterred the desired prompt confrontation, aggression, and combating of enemies in the battlefields. However, the advancement in technology led to the development of machineries that eased transportation of military equipment and personnel with increased convenience and accessibility to the war fields. The development of the wheel marked the advent ease in logistics. Since then, human societies developed engines and which further symbolized their application in locomotives to the currently used trucks, jetfighters, and military helicopters among others. Through the development of the engine, militarization advanced accordingly as nations converted the technology to power sophisticated weapons such as long-range missiles, atomic bombs, and rockets launchers in warships (Thompson 48). Similarly, technology poses as the origin of increased rate intelligence among nations, and communication among allied and enemy nations in their militaries. The history of plane carriers and airships dates back to the 1880s. However, research establishes that the First World War implemented a new outlook on improvisation of war machineries to confront enemies at a large scale as global powers engaged into war. The 1914-1918 war involved European nations, which varied and disagreed on policies and their overseas interests. These factors resulted to increased tensions among the nations, and experts subsequently engaged in innovation and development of weapons to ensure defensive against their unprecedented enemies who also indulged in production of weapons. Eventually, the nations entered...
Adolf Hitler, one of the world’s ruthless dictators from Germany devised a technological aircraft with the ideology that he could suppress the advancing eastern allies. This was in 1944 during the Second World War when the European allied nations of capitalists strategized and engaged on a retaliatory battle the German soldiers drive out of their territories and possibly disintegrate the country’s power to a nutshell. German engaged on unprecedented aggression in the European nations and had won incredibly over the unpreparedness of the preys thus weakening confrontation and broadening its boundaries. The battle advanced to France, Belgium, and Spain and with such success, Hitler perceived that he could possibly suppress and bring the United Kingdom under his dictatorial regime. The desired plans hit an end after the toppled powers reorganized their armies and allied with the UK and U.S.A to attack the German side.
The allied troops of the capitalist European nations managed to engage in a successful battle that suppressed the German troops to Rome, the city of Italy. During this time, Hitler engaged on an alternative approach to tackle the aggressing allied troops who fought on land and simultaneously conducted air strikes to diminish the power of the Germany completely. Mainly, the airstrikes conducted by the eastern frontier targeted weaponry manufacturing industries in German as it was the only way the countries could diminish the level at which the Nazis could retaliate during the rebellious retreat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Technology in War Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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