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Name Class Name Date Medal of Honor Recipient: William J. Crawford There is no doubt that America has had women and men who have endangered their lives for the service to the Nation. The value of Americans effort in defending their Nation cannot be overestimated…
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Medal of Honor Recipient: William J. Crawford
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Download file to see previous pages William J Crawford stands out as one of the distinguished American army personnel who received the Medal of Honor. Crawford’s service in the American Army allowed him to defend his company of soldiers in Italy where he fought the German soldiers by risking his life. The value of the lives of American men and women underscore the institutionalization of the Medal of Honor. There are many women and men in the United States army who go out of their way to defend their colleagues when faced with dangerous situations that call for selfless sacrifice. Therefore, the American Congress award of the Medal of Honor underscores the value of courage and selfless act of its army personnel. Among the Americans who have received this award includes Crawford who showed excellent example to highlight on given his experience and humility after receiving the award. Medal of Honor The Medal of Honor is an award instituted by the US congress and is given to women and men whose actions of heroism are documented by at least two witnesses. Since its inception, the American government has awarded many women and men with various Medals of Honor with many of the recipients being deceased (Bando 9). However, the Medal of Honor can also be offered to those persons who are still alive, but have demonstrated a well written account of heroism. This is the case of Crawford who was given the Medal of Honor in 1967 after people though that he was dead though he had just been captured as a prisoner of war. The congress awards the Medal of Honor as a motivation to those who risk their lives to protect the Interest of the American people. Today, the Medal of Honor stands out as the highest award that can is given to the military personnel by the American Congress through the president of the United States. Life of Crawford before Born in Pueblo, Colorado, Bill Crawford was one of the young men who joined the army and travelled to Europe to fight in the Second World War. At a time when the United States was helping its allies to fight the Nazis, Crawford travel to Europe presented him with an opportunity to defend his country. During the war, Crawford fought the enemies just like other soldier did, but he was unaware that his actions of heroism would transform his life completely. In a sheer display of courage, Crawford defeated a number of Germans manning a submachine gun post by allowing himself to the wounded, but was later captured by the Germans. In Italy where the attacks occurred, the company of Crawford was reported to under fire from German soldiers who had a number of machine gun post. In response to this threat, it is reported that Crawford charged towards the enemy position despite the hail of bullets that were fired towards him. Most important, Crawford struggled to stand up and eventually took over the command center making his soldiers move forward. Being that he been wounded, Crawford accepted to be left behind with another colleague who had also been wounded by enemy fire. While left behind, the two were captured by the Germany, who took them as prisoners of war. The capture of Crawford and his friend made his company believe that Crawford had been killed. With his act of heroism having been made known, Crawford’s father was given the Medal of Honor being that he was the next kin. Back in Germany, Crawford continued to demonstrate courage and even overpowered a Nazi guard. Later on, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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