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Defense Ethics - Assignment Example

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The present study “Defense Ethics” would focus on the Defence Ethics Program (DEP), which is concerned with the establishing the principles and obligations that govern the right actions and practices of institutions and individuals in society…
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Defense Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, any decision is evaluated, reviewed and premised on protecting the rights and interests of people, which, as noted, “is consistent with accepted views on ethics, since ethics is generally concerned with principles and obligations that govern all actions and practices” (Defense Ethics Program, January 2002, p. 6).
More precisely, the three general principles contained in the DEP are as follows: (1) Principle 1: Respect and dignity of all persons; (2) Principle II: Serve Canada before self; and (3) Principle III: Obey and support lawful authority” (PSE402, 2010, p. 6/8).
b.  Ethical obligations
From a review of Lesson 10 and from the guidelines presented under the Fundamentals of Canadian Defence Ethics,  the six ethical obligations contained in the DEP are: (1) Integrity (“the requirement to consistently give precedence to ethical values in our decisions and actions” (Defense Ethics Program, January 2002, p. 11); (2) Loyalty (“standing by their commitments to the nation” (Defense Ethics Program, January 2002, p. 12); where keeping promises (identified as closely related to the obligation of loyalty where in this case, honouring promises are identified as crucial) fall under this category; (3) Courage (“facing up to and dealing with anything that is recognized as dangerous, difficult, or a cause of pain, instead of avoiding it”; (4) Honesty (practice of being open, frank and sincere in dealings and endeavours)....
To response to the question on moral grounds, one can use the readings from Lesson 11 stipulating that although “loyalty is a functional military necessity, which also implies the need for obedience... (where) most orders do not require blind obedience or instantaneous obedience... (and where) loyalty should be broadly based on personal integrity and trust” (PSE 402: Lesson 11, 2010, p. 4). Further, as emphasized in the same discourse, “although immediate obligation is to the chain of command, the highest obligation is to humanity at large” (PSE 402: Lesson 11, 2010, p. 6). In addition, another relevant point presented under Lesson 11 is Huntington’s discussion of justifying obedience versus disobedience, to wit: “Huntington is only referring to lawful orders. He does not imply that a subordinate is obligated to obey a clearly unlawful order” (PSE 402: Lesson 11, 201, p. 8). With the foregoing supporting statements, as AWWO, one should clearly disobey the Captain’s order (presuming scenario 2 that the Captain deliberately intends to report inaccurate results) due to unlawful order, which is contrary to moral grounds and disregards professionalism in terms of integrity and the obligation to uphold the highest standards of the military profession for the sake of humanity. When one decides to obey the order, which in the first place was unlawful, it would be a precursor for future orders that could be given and expected to be followed despite of being based on lies and immoral grounds. One should remain steadfast in adhereing to the values of truth, integrity, and honor above loyalty to unworthy and compromising cause. 2. Using the Statement of Defence Ethics in the Fundamentals of Canadian Defence Ethics (2002), identify ethical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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