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The Prescription Drugs are Abused: Background and Effects - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the ways in which prescription drugs are abused, their background and effects will also be highlighted. The causal factors that result in the misuse of drugs have been discussed in detail and the possible preventive measures that can be taken to overcome this problem have also been mentioned…
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The Prescription Drugs are Abused: Background and Effects
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Extract of sample "The Prescription Drugs are Abused: Background and Effects"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of prescription drugs is often misunderstood; often people think that experimenting with prescription medicines enables them to lose weight, stay fit or even study efficiently. One more fact that adds to this nuisance is the availability of prescription drugs; researches show that prescription drugs are often sold without the prescription of the doctor. There is a misconception among the majority that prescribed medicines are less harmful than the street drugs since they have been prescribed by the doctor hence they use it according to the amount they think is right. What people fail to understand is that the medicine has been prescribed to some other person after careful and thorough examination by the doctor and the same conditions would not apply on them. Such situations often lead to harmful results, side effects, and addiction. This is quite a serious issue since individuals who follow others prescription or even share it with an acquaintance are actually breaking a law. The abuse of prescription drugs is as old as its use to treat illness. However, in the 19th century, the rate of drug abuse started taking a toll. Initially, this industry was not regulated and no laws were developed to restrict the use of prescription drugs. Later on when the issues of drug abuse started arising, the government started taking measures so as to regulate and maintain a check and balance system to prevent drug abuse and special attention was paid to painkillers. Regardless of the fact, drug abuse is still on the high rise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Prescription Drugs Are Abused: Background and Effects Research Paper.
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