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Medical Treatment - Essay Example

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For years, surgical and other related treatment with relation to its rehabilitation has something to do with pain. In these cases, there are patients who refuse treatment because they have been afraid of pain that the treatment would induce into them and this prompted to set aside treatment and let themselves stumbled by a certain disease…
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Medical Treatment
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Extract of sample "Medical Treatment"

Download file to see previous pages However, we cannot deny the fact that no matter how these treatments claim their effectiveness, still, pain is the outmost concern not only of patients but also by the Doctors themselves. Because of pain, treatment is still a wall to destroy in order to fulfill and complete the treatment. There are a lot of instances wherein patients decline to continue their treatment because they cannot withstand pain. In this case, Doctors will have no option but to abide by the request of the patient because declining to be treated is also the right of the patient. Also, we cannot deny the fact that there are instances wherein patients die because of pain. In the same way there are also cases in which the patient's medical condition becomes worse and this occurrence was brought by the pain which is the main burden of the most of the patient encountering this situation.
In the late 1989, a synthetic morphenomimetic through a name called nomoramide (commonly known as Painfree) was made and conceptualized by Chrysantheme Pharmaceutical Works. This breakthrough had set a new standard in terms of medical evolution of different medical treatment for reliving pain. Also, one can be assured that the aforementioned drug is safe due to its derivatives from natural herbs. With this, there are a lot of consumers that have become interested in purchasing the said product due to its effectiveness in relieving pain and it is more convenient to use. As per medical analysis is concerned, it is a breakthrough in the said practice being categorized as high potency, non-additive analgesic drug which can be taken orally. Having all these description, the said drug has gained its fame in the global pharmaceutical arena.
However, there are still a lot of problems and controversies that surround the use of the said drug. Being categorized as synthetic morphenomimetic, it is very much difficult to use due to its side effects involving high toxic content. A medicine in the name of Tetramoramide, which is the same category of the Painfree drug, was waived by US due to reported deaths involving the use of the aforementioned drugs. Still, the rising fame of painfree had attracted different companies in Europe and other parts of the globe due to its effectiveness and high market potential. With this, a research group was made in order to further study the said drug and was licensed by Teutonia from CPW recognizing its market potential in the future.

The pain free program as a whole proved to be successful in convincing and penetrating markets as well as building consortiums with other companies and this brings early popularity of the drug, even before its launch to the market. By having different connections not only to the entire Europe but to the rest of the world, it proved its marketability and it established its first-hand customers through the aforementioned premises.
Also, relevant and collective studies to further assess the betterment of the drug as well as to find new ways on how to minimize if not eradicate the toxic side effects of the said drug being entered into such a classification. During these times, the pain free team doesn't rely on their knowledge as a group alone but also, they engaged into outsourcing, seeking the aid of expert panels and opinion leaders present in five countries were the pain free group had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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D. Smooth muscle cells: Though smooth muscle cells are recruited by day 3 or 4 of the wound along with fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, pericytes, and smooth muscle cells, their main role is fibroplasia, synthesis of connective tissue matrix, tissue remodeling, wound contraction, and wound strength. They do not produce cytokines and chemoattractants (Sephel, 72). Hence this is not the correct answer.
A 68-year-old man with prostate cancer and bone metastases presents with shaking chills and fever. The peripheral WBC count is 1,000/uL (normal = 4,000-11,000/uL). Which of the following terms best describes this hematologic finding?
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The legalization of medical cannabis is justified because of the positive therapeutic effects of the drug. Proponents of the legalization of medical cannabis argue that if marijuana is made illegal, patients will not be able to access and use it for the relief of their symptoms (Gwynne 29). Marijuana has been reported to be a safe drug for the treatment of various conditions. The drug a...
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