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Tablet Formulation of a Low Dose Tablet and High Dose Tablet - Assignment Example

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The objective of the following assignment is to describe the technology of the manufacturing of tablets. Furthermore, the assignment "Tablet Formulation of a Low Dose Tablet and High Dose Tablet" presents a comparative analysis of tablets formation aspects in regard to its dose capacity…
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Tablet Formulation of a Low Dose Tablet and High Dose Tablet
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Extract of sample "Tablet Formulation of a Low Dose Tablet and High Dose Tablet"

Download file to see previous pages Tablets such as those administered sublingually, buccally, or vaginally are prepared to have featured most applicable to their particular route of administration. Tablets are prepared primarily by compression, with a limited number prepared by molding. Compressed tablets are manufactured with tablet machines capable of exerting great pressure in compacting. Their shape and dimensions are determined by use of various-shaped punches and die. (Allen, Ansel, and Popovich (2004)).
In the tablet-pressing process, it is important that all ingredients be fairly dry, powdered or granular, somewhat uniform in particle size, and freely flowing. Mixed particle sized powders can segregate during manufacturing operations, which can result in tablets with poor drug or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) content uniformity. Content uniformity ensures that the same API dose is delivered with each tablet.
In early formulation studies, as a promising compound is characterized for biologic activity, it is also evaluated with regard to chemical and physical properties that have a bearing on its ultimate and successful formulation into a stable and effective pharmaceutical product. This is the area of responsibility of pharmaceutical scientists and formulation pharmacists trained in pharmaceutics. When sufficient information is gleaned on the compound’s physical and chemical properties, initial formulation of the dosage form are redeveloped for use in human clinical trials. During the course of the clinical trials, the proposed product is developed further, from initial formulation to final formulation and from a pilot plant (or small-scale production) to scale-up, in preparation for large-scale manufacturing.
The dose of the drug may be described as an amount that is enough but not too much; the idea is to achieve the drug’s optimum therapeutic effect with safety but at the lowest possible dose. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tablet Formulation of a Low Dose Tablet and High Dose Tablet Assignment.
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