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The Importance Of Hymans First Artificial Pacemaker - Research Paper Example

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In accordance with medical information, heart ailments are major factors behind widespread death, invalidation, and transience. The study "The Importance Of Hyman’s First Artificial Pacemaker" discusses Albert Hyman’s invention of the pacemaker, its impact, technology, failure, and limitations…
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The Importance Of Hymans First Artificial Pacemaker
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Extract of sample "The Importance Of Hymans First Artificial Pacemaker"

Download file to see previous pages In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, many investigators performed experiments intended at investigating the consequences of electrical energy on the human heart. Such studies could not, at that time, be carried out on living patients. So canvassers had to depend on the opportunities offered by the French Revolution or by proceedings such as that which took place in Mainz on 21st November 1803 when there was a mass capital punishment of twenty bandits3. Subsequently, many researchers believed that the use of electricity help in the healing of cardiac-associated problems incorporating angina and the various kinds of rhythm commotion that can arise. Approaches involved both appliances of limited stimulation to definite areas, for example, the nerves in the neck, and ‘entire body electrification’ of different types and testing continued throughout the 19th century4.
The primary experimental heart pacemaker was invented by Albert Hyman in New York. Being a student of Harvard College, he harbored an unappeasable thirst for responses as to why a number of hearts beat progressively whilst hearts of indistinguishable appearance stopped. He erected on the knowledge that asystolic hearts in human beings and animals could sometimes be resumed by a reflex blow, a needle with or without different chemicals or electrical spurs. In April 1930, Hyman obtained a grant to build up an “artificial pacemaker”. Such a pacemaker was expanded to carry a fast moving current to the heart by means of a shielded needle5.
During 1931–1932, Hyman used the simulated pacemaker on small laboratory creatures (rabbits, guinea pigs, and dog) that had been fetched to the cardiac standstill in the course of asphyxiation or other means. The pacemaker transported ventricular stimuli as Hyman found it hard, if not impracticable, to regulate the needle electrode to the atrium. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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