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Bowel Preparation for Excretory Urography: a Randomized Trial - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Bowel Preparation for Excretory Urography: a Randomized Trial" presents the patients who underwent the trial, those who were excluded and included and those in each arm of the study. The description of the method, the criteria for outcome measures, are also discussed…
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Bowel Preparation for Excretory Urography: a Randomized Trial
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Extract of sample "Bowel Preparation for Excretory Urography: a Randomized Trial"

Download file to see previous pages The abstract is structured, short and to the point, summarizing the study and the main findings. "210 consecutive patients were randomized to three preparation groups with 70 in each group." The mode of randomization is very clear with this statement. However, the population studied is not identified well in the abstract. It is not clear whether those who were recruited hailed from which hospital and department. It is also not clear as to whether the patients who underwent the procedure are those with certain indications for urography or are those who have volunteered for the procedure.

The introduction clearly presents the background of the study. The authors have clearly elaborated on the importance of excretory urography and have questioned the need for bowel preparation prior to the procedure with examples from a comprehensive literature review. The purpose of the study is relevant and clearly stated. The latest articles discussing these issues, prior to the commencement of the study were studied and compared with. The research question asked in this study, i.e., is there a need to prepare the bowels before excretory urography follows on logically from this.

The objectives are clearly stated. The intervention is described as "bowel preparation for excretory urography." The hypothesis is that bowel preparation is not necessary for excretory urography, which means that the images obtained for the procedure without bowel preparation are as good as those with bowel preparation in terms of purgation and diet restriction. This study actually has 3 arms.

The study design is that of a randomized control trial. According to Lachin (1998), "RCTs are considered the most reliable form of scientific evidence in healthcare because they eliminate spurious causality and bias." This method of study design ensures that known and unknown confounding factors are evenly distributed between treatment groups. According to Beller et al (2002), it is important to randomize because randomization aims to obviate the third possibility.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bowel Preparation for Excretory Urography: A Randomized Trial Research Paper.
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