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Filtration as a sample concentration method of water samples - Research Paper Example

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The paper is divided into three sections. The introduction touches on the overall aspects and principles of filtration as a concentration method. The body exclusively covers the types of microorganisms that are tested during water quality assessment such as coliforms with the filtration method been used in the respective studies. …
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Filtration as a sample concentration method of water samples
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Extract of sample "Filtration as a sample concentration method of water samples"

Download file to see previous pages In conclusion, the paper finds that filtration is vastly used in the concentration of environmental water samples for water quality testing. Water is an essential constituent of life. In fact, human beings cannot do without water. Water is a biological, physical, and chemical component that bears a huge influence on life as it is known on Earth. Hence, researchers from diverse fields have sought to come up with ways to manipulate water in order to achieve certain aims that are beneficial to life. However, in the process of the day-to-day activities, human beings have polluted water by dumping waste into it. In addition, varying microorganisms that are harmful to human health tend to exist in contaminated water. These microorganisms are the reason why microbiologists spend a huge part of their time, resources, and knowledge into devising ways through which contaminated water can be purified and declared fit for human consumption. The main aim being to protect the health of human beings. Thus, microbiologists have developed various techniques that are utilized to recuperate microorganisms from water samples. One such method is filtration. In environmental microbiology, filtration is used as a sample concentration method to recover microorganisms. It is duly applied in water quality analysis. Hence, the paper seeks to describe what researchers have found in regard to filtration as a sample concentration method for water quality analysis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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