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The Use of Sweet Based Products in Treatment of Allergic Reactions - Essay Example

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This essay will begin with the statement that when one is seeking for an excellent treatment facility for allergic reactions to certain food products, Choco-Ice rehabilitation center is the best option. The Choco-Ice rehab center is a facility that is located in the leafy suburb of Montgomery…
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The Use of Sweet Based Products in Treatment of Allergic Reactions
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Extract of sample "The Use of Sweet Based Products in Treatment of Allergic Reactions"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, Choco-Ice rehabilitation center uses a rather new modern strategy of making their patients better by using new modern based candies, chocolate, ice cream and cookies in treating them. Although, based on the assumptions of most health practitioners a lot of debates have emerged as to whether this method is a valid one or it may end up causing more health hazard to the people involved in the treatment. Nevertheless, Choco-Ice center through their first treatment program has managed to prove their critics wrong. A majority of the people that check into the center are children who have severe allergic reactions to certain food products. It is as a result of this that the Centre is using the above products which for the record are usually medicated. Choco-Ice rehab center uses the technique of making people better by using the little amounts of the allergens they are allergic to until their body system become immune to the substance. Therefore, I agree that these products should be legalized since they are basically sweet products that are medicated to lure the target group of the center who are basically the children for a better treatment outcome. Based on the assumptions of the critic regarding the use of the modern sweet based products in treating allergies, my claim is that using the method of inducing little amounts of the food item one is allergic to is quite effective. Why the sweet products? And how are they related to the allergies treatment program? These questions have been asked a lot regarding the nature of the treatment’s effectiveness. Well, it is simply the center as per its mission targets a younger audience the children and as we all know children need to be lured in order to take medications and more so it will be hard to make them take in the substance that they know that they are allergic too. Therefore, using the concept of having candies, cookies, ice cream and chocolate being medicated and with little amounts of the allergens that they are allergic to is the best option. According to Dr. Kari Nadeau, a successful treatment trial of oral immunotherapy can help out to desensitize children that have severe allergies for instance with peanuts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Sweet Based Products in Treatment of Allergic Reactions Essay.
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