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Effects of Cannabis on Cognition - Research Paper Example

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This paper gives detailed studies that prove that cannabis use associates itself with decreased brain function through the analysis of several empirical data sources. The drug may inhibit one’s ability to be an efficient driver and the effects tend to be different between genders…
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Effects of Cannabis on Cognition
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Download file to see previous pages The use of the drug is common among the young and productive age bracket that tend to abuse the substance for leisure or relaxation. Ideally, the effects of the substance may be extensive as they may include loss of concentration and diminished planning abilities. 
According to a study by Grant et al (2011), volunteers within the study exhibited no prior disorder except after indulging in the use of cannabis substance. The study sought to establish the effects of the substance among young people over a period of one week and a year. The findings established that the use of the substance immensely affected decision-making and planning abilities for this age bracket (Grant et al, 2012). This was because of the using the drug at different intervals that in turn affected the neural functioning and decision making that led to the having problems with law authorities. Overly, the use of the drug reflects on the driving abilities of adolescents that in turn attract the charge of driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance. In addition, the study also proved the substance abuse had effects on the adolescents’ school performance hence increasing the number of school dropouts because of their limited productivity in school.
Sequentially, the teenagers who were under the influence of the drug also portrayed withdrawal symptoms where they could not relate properly with their peers who were not indulging in the use of the drug. In summary, the study showed that teenagers and young adults were more likely to indulge in the substance use more than any other age bracket because of their poor judgment and decision-making skills. Additionally, this age bracket is more susceptible to pressure from peers and influence on their behavior hence making them indulge in the use of the drug (Grant et al, 2012).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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