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Prescribing, Transcribing, Dispensing, and Administering of Medications - Literature review Example

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The paper "Prescribing, Transcribing, Dispensing, and Administering of Medications" highlights that errors in medication are one vital aspect that can put the medical, nursing into a potentially substantial threat as they likely harm instead of giving relief to those who depend on them…
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Prescribing, Transcribing, Dispensing, and Administering of Medications
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Extract of sample "Prescribing, Transcribing, Dispensing, and Administering of Medications"

Download file to see previous pages Drugs and other types of medications must be delivered efficiently and effectively so that people seeking medical care will be provided relief and be liberated from their medical condition they are suffering with. Nevertheless, each one of the involved processes is prone to several gaps and lapses in between which make them more vulnerable to medication errors (MEs). These events in turn eventually result in patients’ unnecessary deaths and injuries which should not be. MEs, indeed, comprise one of the negative issues overwhelming the medical world today. It is not new anymore but is still uncontrollably happening—which had urged and is continually urging many to uncover some facts that surround it through research. Such researches have heralded attention not only from the people engaged in the provision of care but also from its recipients and from the rest of the world to see whether proposed actions by the researchers can be efficiently applied and make used of.
The research paper was done by Bohomol, Ramos, and D’Innocenzo (2009) entitled “Medication errors in an intensive care unit” is one of those researches focused in the subject of medication errors in a specialized unit—the intensive care unit (ICU). In this paper, their research will be subjected to fair evaluation to enable analysis of its applicability and practicability to the medical field and work. Specifically, the paper will assess the research’s effectiveness based on its research design, data collection, validity, reliability, data analysis, certain ethical considerations and other important matters that will give rise to its importance or worthlessness. With due respect to the researchers’ capability to conduct thorough research process, this paper will also try review the research’s outcome competency in relation to the goals that the researchers have formulated.
As reported by Creswell (2003), the purpose statement of a research “establishes the direction for the research” (p. 87). Hence, it is from the purpose statement that researchers formulate key points that must be considered throughout the study.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The initial course included health visitors and district nurses but did not include practice nurses except if they had a district nursing or health visiting qualification.  The basic rationale given as to why the inclusion of nurses was limited to health visitors and district nurses was that they could be identified from the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting (UKCC) registry if they have completed further education from the time of registration (Jones 10).

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er pregnancy unless the doctor measures Prothrombin frequently, ask if patient is under other drugs for treatment of TB, prevent blood clots, supplements containing vitamin K and antidepressant
Binding to insulin receptors on cells in the body by making cells in liver, muscles and fat tissues to raise the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream and reduce the production of glucose by the liver hence controlling the glucose level
Hypoglycaemia (common), skin thickening or pitting, redness, swelling at injection site, Excessive fluid retention (oedema), visual challenges and skin reactions such as itching, hives or rash. May be affected by ACE inhibitors like captopril, anabolic steroids e.g. stanozol, disopyramide, fibrates...
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There are a la...
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