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Media Effects - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Media Effects” the author discusses a fairly accurate depiction of the ambivalence that surrounds the field of communication study in as far as the topic of the impacts of various mass media on society are concerned. McQuaid is not alone in his presuppositions…
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Download file to see previous pages There are two alternatives, either the effects have been so difficult to pin down because they do not actually exist or that those studying them have been going about it the wrong way. In this paper, the second alternative will be examined with the intention of answering the question of why the study of media effects is so complicated.
The answer is actually based on a negation of the question, media study is not actually complicated, and the approach with which it has discoursed is the source of all the difficulty because it is fundamentally flawed. The media effects model, when used to study the effect of media on violence and crime, tends to look at the problem from the back as opposed form the front, in most cases researcher, begin their work with a pre-set mind-set that violent media encourages violence for the viewers (Eveland 2003, p.399). When behaviorists and criminologist, for example, are trying to discern the connection between the media and violent crime, they tend to turn to the media to look for explanations about the criminal or devein behavior. For example, when there is an increase in sexual activities among teenagers, drunk driving or other deviant behaviors it is common to here connections being traced back to the mass media, the sex and violence on TV and the internet among others (Bushman 2006, p.350). Blinded by this the researchers will tend to focus on how they imagine the violent crime on TV is being replicated on the streets and try to formulate solutions centered on the media rather than the children and social factors. To demonstrate this, one considers a study carried out through interviewing 78 violent teenage offenders and trying to trace back their violent tendencies to the media, this was compared against the 500 high school students with no criminal records (Hagell Haggel and Newburn 1994, p.20). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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