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Sociocultural Issues and Physical Education in the Media - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Sociocultural Issues and Physical Education in the Media" highlights that physical education seems to be part of the foundation of education that does encourage the development of abilities of children and forms the basis for life schooling within society…
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Sociocultural Issues and Physical Education in the Media
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Extract of sample "Sociocultural Issues and Physical Education in the Media"

Download file to see previous pages A number of factors that help shape and determine these socio-cultural issues are the expectations of the community, laws, rules, and policies, economic as well as physical resources, ethical and technological factors. The media could as well be categorized under technological factors. These factors will, in the long run, affect the attitudes, behaviors, and expectations that these people have over the relationships (Smith & O’Day, 1990). The media together with what could be described as popular culture often does portray unrealistic scenarios or images about these relationships and often does play a very crucial role in the persuasion process of the people within communities to try and conform to the social norms. The media could still be used as a destructive tool that hinders the achievement of these socio-cultural needs and that is why its portrayal of them is a very vital thing to consider (Oleribe, 2005).
In the movie Take the Lead, there are socio-culture issues that arise from the events in the movie and from individuals’ behaviours. These socio-culture issues include disadvantaged education and family. On the part of disadvantaged education, this can be well pointed out in the movie where the students in the detention like Rock, LaRhette and the others are seen as not performing well in terms of class education. Although they are not good in class performance, they are seen as having other talents that they can perform better. In this case, their dancing skills are good and through practice, acceptance and determination, they dance through a highly competitive dancing competition where their performance is quite appreciated even by the school Principle James who makes the program permanent within the school and expands it to other schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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