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The author of this essay under the title "Types of Encoding" touches upon the methods how to improve the apprehension of scientific information which has a great number of difficult terminologies. The author offers to use visual encoding, acoustic encoding, semantic and details them…
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Types of Encoding
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The first of it is visual encoding. In order to give a mental picture of things were there during the early ages of California, say in the 1800s, the culture of the Californians, I would display a picture of how they dressed up and what they did.

For Acoustic encoding, students may not understand if the words are just read to them, they must be learned how to spell them and how to pronounce them. For example, about 500 years ago, 'Protestantism' was declared to the religion of California. Now the students may not be able to even pronounce the word, leave alone understanding it. So getting their syllables right is the first basic thing.

For Semantic encoding, students once they get to know how to pronounce them, they would be able to get the difference between similar sounded words. After getting the difference, the next thing is to understand the meaning of what is being said. For example, take the above word, though people get to know how to spell it, they must be thought of how to understand it. For that, a common language description of its meaning is a must.

In Californian history class, a lot of things would be about artilleries that they used in warfare. A lot of descriptions would be about it. So, if students are given to experience the models of those artilleries physically, they will be able to understand the descriptions about it. This is tactile encoding. Read More
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