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Kitsch, irony, and consumerism: A semiotic analysis of Diesel advertising 2000-2008 - Essay Example

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This essay describes different Diesel's advertising campaigns. Advertising for the Diesel clothing label, like all advertising, is attempting to sell their target consumer a specific product. Diesel marketers do not use market research to pre-test or post-track their ad campaigns…
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Kitsch, irony, and consumerism: A semiotic analysis of Diesel advertising 2000-2008
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Extract of sample "Kitsch, irony, and consumerism: A semiotic analysis of Diesel advertising 2000-2008"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Kitsch, irony, and consumerism: A semiotic analysis of Diesel advertising 2000-2008" outlines the stylistic of the Diesel's advertising campaign of different years. Company is a global image advertiser that produces ad campaigns twice a year rather than the trendy digital, interactive advertising used by their competitors (Arning 22).
Diesel ads invest most of its media in polished, ostentatious print ads that many contemporary magazines have long since abandoned. No other brand currently organizes and brings to mind artificial philosophy more astutely than Diesel or manages to commune symbolically with their consumer market (Arning 23). The tagline ‘‘For Successful Living’’ remains its slogan and Diesel remains the “postmodern brand” whose excellence is evident in the way it incorporates the edifying logic of late models of entrepreneurship (Arning 23). The unique ability of the company to proliferate the qualities of shoppers through symbolism while simultaneously denouncing the enterprise allows the company to salvage extinct social mores and present them as authentic (Arning 23). Diesel established its trade by focusing its criticism on the foibles within the fashion industry and plays on humanity’s doubts about the future to promote their own conceptualization of what the future might bring (Arning 37).
Diesel ad campaigns like “Take Action” and “Global Warming Ready” play significantly on political diatribe to promote their agenda as one of eclectic modernism that transcends even the most eco-friendly companies (Arning, 36, 38). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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