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Sachet Packaging of Products - Research Paper Example

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This report, Sachet Packaging of Products, provides an introductory understanding of sachets as a way of packaging. In addition, the report identifies the reasons for the use of stitches. The report discusses the method of manufacturing the sachets, methods of assembly…
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Sachet Packaging of Products
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Extract of sample "Sachet Packaging of Products"

Download file to see previous pages The method discussed in this paper is the present invention method relating to triangular flexible and closed sachet. The assembling method of sachet packaging depends on the method of manufacturing the sachet. The materials used in making sachets depend on the products to be packed. The materials used could include flexible films such as polyethylene, cellulose or propylene. Sachet packaging has economic benefits. However, sachet packaging has impacts on the environment during its manufacture, use and at end life.
Packaging involves the art, science, and technology for protecting or enclosing the products in order to facilitate their storage, distribution, sale, and use. Packaging could also refer to the process by which the packages are designed, evaluated and produced. The increasing level of technology has led to advancement in the ways in which products are packed. The use of sachets can be traced back more than four hundred years ago. People could keep essential oils and spices in the silk bags to prevent their bags from being stained.  This paper will focus on the sachet packaging explaining the reasons for their use, the method used in manufacturing the packaging, method of assembling the packaging, properties of the packaging and the design of the packaging. Other factors such as the environmental impact and the economics associated with the use of packaging are also explored. The information is collected from various relevant sources. Interviews and meetings are also conducted to seek more satisfying information. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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