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International Marketing - Distance Factors and Target Markets - Assignment Example

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This paper under the title "International Marketing - Distance Factors and Target Markets" focuses on the factors that determine the activities of multinational firms when developing a target market strategy and conducting business in the international marketplace. …
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International Marketing - Distance Factors and Target Markets
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Extract of sample "International Marketing - Distance Factors and Target Markets"

Download file to see previous pages It is proposed that this is occurring due to the removal of different international trade barriers and decreasing regulation that makes foreign markets desirable for profit and expansion.
The arguments offered are based on a solid literature review regarding the state of international marketing in multinational firms and marketing strategy related to distance factors associated with culture, geographical distance or economic factors. The authors hypothesize, based on the review of previous studies, that it all combined distance factors are divergent, meaning they are sometimes significant and sometimes not. They argue that it is the market potential of the country that seems to drive most forward international marketing strategies and principles (Malhotra, Sivakumar & Zhu, 2009). In this article, distance factors refer to the knowledge base regarding international marketing with the multinationals and the actual market characteristics requiring unique targeting strategies. The study, itself, is based on data collected between 1990 and 2006, involving 18 different countries and over 4,800 cross-border multinational acquisitions. It is based on solid research data with a large sample population.
It was discovered in the study results that cultural and geographic distances have a significant impact on the presence of cross-border acquisitions. This is due to data from the study which shows that firms in developing countries tend to look for markets with similar cultures to the home country and without significant geographical distance. The study further identified a correlation between cross-border acquisition development and the relationship between economic and administrative factors. The study identified that such acquisitions, the high volume of them, are based on multinational tendency to acquire companies with different financial structures and leadership premises.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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International Marketing - Distance Factors and Target Markets Assignment.
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