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Emerging Markets BA Marketing Management with Business Studies - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this essay is to present the global overview of an emerging market. For the purpose of analysis, the paper takes into consideration the country Brazil. Initially, the paper briefly explains the concept of emerging markets and establishes why Brazil is an emerging market…
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Emerging Markets BA Marketing Management with Business Studies
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Extract of sample "Emerging Markets BA Marketing Management with Business Studies"

Download file to see previous pages Emerging markets, according to Li (2010), are countries that are basing their economic structures on the market economic systems and are progressing by offering a lot of opportunities in trade, technology transfers, and foreign direct investment. Further, their currency is appreciating to some extent that is encouraging people to buy it which further adds to the foreign reserves of the countries. Five of the most famous countries that are developing as emerging markets are China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia. These five countries critically transitioned from developing countries to emerging markets. Each of the five above mentioned countries is a very important market and the effect of the group of five may actually have a huge effect on the economy of the entire world. Out of the five largest emerging markets mentioned, the paper will discuss the characteristics of Brazil.
Brazil was chosen for the essay because Brazil is one of the only five countries that has developed over quite a short period of time. China, India, and Russia are the three densely populated countries of the world and so it was a little easier for them to achieve an efficient allocation of resources through labor-intensive strategies. For Brazil, the date of independence from Portugal was quite earlier from countries like India and Indonesia but for many decades, it was to serve as a ‘periphery’ state for the countries that comprised the ‘core’ in North American countries. Huge amounts of resources, resources belonging to Brazil, were utilized for the betterment of the economy of America and Canada. This occurred for a lot of time even after the Second World War, as Nevaer (1996) relates. However things changed later and according to Kaufman (1976), countries like Brazil and Argentina became the ‘core’ while the southern Latin American countries became the peripheries.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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