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Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation" states that in order to guarantee more interaction between clients and staff, there appears to be a need for much more training to show staff members how best to create positive relationships…
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Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation
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Extract of sample "Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation"

Download file to see previous pages One of the main difficulties for many hospitality industries is attempting to create long-term value for customers in the hopes of creating loyalty and a positive brand image. Much of this appears to be largely affected by a company’s ability to create sound marketing strategies which leave customers with lasting, positive impressions of the business in order to make a particular brand the brand of choice and a preference over other competing company brands.
This research study focuses on identifying specific, modern marketing efforts and branding strategies being undertaken in a wide variety of different hospitality industries in order to effectively gain customer loyalty and keep these businesses profitable. There does not appear to be a specific marketing tactic which can guarantee successes in building a positive brand image or gaining long-term loyalty, however, this study identified several key factors which have assisted many modern hospitality companies in satisfying clients and making their unique businesses stand out over that of competition. This research report is designed to add value to virtually any hospitality-oriented company as it identifies the most successful methods being undertaken today to build a positive brand image in the hospitality industry.
This research study will intend to identify what methods are available to today’s hospitality industries in order to ensure customer loyalty and positive brand reputation. Thus, this research study is largely marketing focused. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation Research Paper)
Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation Research Paper.
“Methods in Ensuring Customer Loyalty and Positive Brand Reputation Research Paper”, n.d.
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