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Compensating Dating, Materialism and Social Comparison among Hong Kong Adolescents - Research Paper Example

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This is a research paper to carry out research on the topic of Enjoy-kōsai, materialism and social comparison among Hong Kong adolescents. The paper examines the general mass media advertisement in Hong Kong, particularly the materialistic values prevalent in the country’s mass media…
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Compensating Dating, Materialism and Social Comparison among Hong Kong Adolescents
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Extract of sample "Compensating Dating, Materialism and Social Comparison among Hong Kong Adolescents"

Download file to see previous pages The significance of the study is that it will go a long way in identifying the negative consequence of participating in compensation dating. Moreover, it will help in the identification of the correlation between behavior and materialism. The objectives of the research are to ascertain whether materialism and social comparison are positively related to participation in compensated dating among teenagers. Secondly, it helps to examine the influences of media exposure on adolescents’ engagement in social comparison and their endorsement of materialistic values. The conceptual foundation covers such subtopics as materialism, enjoy-kosai, social comparison, and exposure in advertising.
Hong Kong has experienced an upsurge of materialistic values in its mass media in the recent past. For instance, many advertisements in the country greatly promote materialistic values, unlike it was in the past.
Hong Kong has also seen an increase in the number of advertisements aired in its mass media. These advertisements have mainly helped in the marketing of high-end merchandise, normally popular among young people, especially adolescents.
Hong Kong’s culture has also been changing rapidly over the years. Hong Kong teenagers are now encouraged to possess material goods unlike in the past. There has also been a rise in online dating as well as online prostitution involving very young girls in Hong Kong.
Educators have blamed this changing trend on advertisements on corporate donations to schools; both school equipment and materials (Seifer, 1999). On their part, the social scientists blame this whole mess on the role of marketing since it develops materialistic values among adolescents and younger children (Schor, 2004; Linn, 2004; Kasser, 2002)
This study is aimed at investigating the negative consequences of participating in compensation dating.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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