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Who is the audience for Metropolitan Opera - Assignment Example

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The main target audience for the Metropolitan Opera has been composed of the older adults aged 65 and above making up 60% of the audience (Shugoll Report, 2009). In terms of gender, there is a balance as more people are likely to come as couples. However, currently the opera is…
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Who is the audience for Metropolitan Opera
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Download file to see previous pages The research by Zamoyta (2011) confirms this as she describes the audience ‘young-cultural-omnivores class’ which makes up about 73%.
The ticket sales for opera seats range from $460 to $25 with the higher end for premium seats and the lower end for standing rooms (metopera tickets 2013-14). This explains why the target audience is made of well educated, middle and high class couples with high household incomes. For example in Nothern Ireland this audience earns an estimated income of $38,000 – $80,000 (AudiencesNI, 2007). Education is also a key factor as people with higher education are likely to attend, with the degree level being the least (AudiencesNI, 2007). However, following the current drop in attendance over the last 7 years, the marketing target is shifting to the younger people, with more funding being put into the art to promote the $25 tickets which are affordable (Orden, 2010).
The largest audience for Met Opera has been in New York mostly for the live shows, but with the recent developments such as Live HD transmissions, the opera is gaining a larger audience across the continents especially from Europe. The opera also simulcasts to 1700 theaters in 54 countries across the globe (Wise, 2013).
These people love art and they find the experience at the opera as a place for relaxation and enjoyment away from common social events such as concerts and sports. The Met Opera fits their lifestyle by giving them an opportunity to enjoy art through the staging of the plays, the lifelike experience produced in the sets, and the music with perfect acoustics.
Orden, E. (2010, August 25). Opera Lover Targets Young Patrons With $25 Seats. Retrieved February 23, 2015, from The Wall Street Journal:
Wise, B. (2013, September 22). Report: Opera Attendance Drops, Digital Engagement Rises . Retrieved February 23, 2015, from WQXR: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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