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Check order instruction and attachment - Assignment Example

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10-Way Adjustable Leather Seats with Memory System: There are heated leather seats that are adjustable in 10-Ways. These seats not only offer driving comfort but also allow one to sit for long in them without strain, keeping in mind that the adjustment system has a memory…
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Check order instruction and attachment
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BMW M3 sedan The M3 sedan series vehicles include a range of high-performance models adopted from the BMW-3. The 2015 sedan presents the buyer with luxury, technology, comfort and performance in one package.
1. 10-Way Adjustable Leather Seats with Memory System: There are heated leather seats that are adjustable in 10-Ways. These seats not only offer driving comfort but also allow one to sit for long in them without strain, keeping in mind that the adjustment system has a memory system.
2. Sleek Body: The body of this model is lustrous, trim and is barely above the ground. The design of the body lines is to ensure superb streamlining for even better performance.
3. 3D Navigation System: With a high-resolution 3-D navigation system, one is guaranteed to get to their destination fast and with ease. The system has a 200 GB on-board memory for storage of offline maps, which accommodate navigation in regions that are off the grid (Autoblog).
Technological Advancements
1. Steering Wheel with Bluetooth Technology: The steering, wrapped in leather, is fitted with Bluetooth technology for remote control and steering lock. Apart from guaranteeing the safety of the vehicle, this fitting also ensures that the steering wheel is always positioned correctly- safeguarding the passengers.
2. BMW My Info: This fitting offers the recording of any detected issues in the vehicle’s systems for reference. All mechanical problems are logged and downloaded by the mechanic during check-ups.
3. Windshield and Windshield Wipers: The rain sensing windshield automatically instruct the automatic wipers to clear the view when driving and this is meant to give this vehicle an impressive edge on the rest.
4. Xenon Adaptive Headlights: To cap it all, the car is fitted with Xenon adaptive headlights, which are a cutting edge invention allowing lighting up upon start thus reducing the run-up time (Autoblog).
In regard to technological advancements on this model. All in all, this vehicle is indeed the ultimate BMW M3. Anyone who buys this sedan offers themselves an opportunity to sample luxury and technology the BMW way, all with a touch of class.
Works Cited
Autoblog, 2015 BMW M3 Sedan. N.p., 2014. Web. 2 Dec. 2014. Read More
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