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Product definition - Assignment Example

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The core benefit or the basic customer needs and wants that the Rolls Royce Luxury cars satisfy is the need of transporting oneself and valuables from one end to another. Customers purchasing these cars even expect that the car will satisfy their basic need of travelling in a…
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Product definition
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Download file to see previous pages The expected attributes of a product are those benefits that customers perceive that they will be offered in return of purchasing Rolls Royce Phantom. The customers expect that by purchasing the Phantom they will attain the benefit of travelling in a luxurious and expensive vehicle which will suit and compliment their higher social status in the society. The customers expect that Rolls Royce will offer them security and it does provide security in the shape of features including frontal and overhead airbags. It even offers customers safety as these cars come along with the attribute of disabling the ignition. Customers expect that these cars will offer them convenience in shape of programmed temperature controlling option and they even offer the driver with a bin attached on the door.
These are those benefits that are offered by Rolls Royce Luxury Cars and provide a competitive advantage to the company over its competitors. One of the major benefits that customers receive from purchasing a Rolls Royce is that they are allowed to customize their own cars according to their needs and taste. The benefit of customization is quite rare and this allows the company to maintain a base of customers who are loyal to the brand. Rolls Royce Phantom offers a moon roof that is not offered by its close competitor Mulsanne. The Phantom even offers warranty coverage for a period of 4 years and even offers door locks for children that are not offered by its competitors.
The customers of Rolls Royce luxury cars such as the customers of Phantom expect that in future these cars will be more fuel efficient with updated technologies that will reduce fuel consumption. The customers even expect that in future the phantom may be priced lower with the introduction of a mini Phantom. This will allow a lot more consumers to experience the luxury and comfort ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Product Definition Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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