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What may have worked effectually and yielded profits yesterday may not apply today. Moreover, product or merchandise positioning…
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Marketing plan paper
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Marketing Plan Paper Task: Marketing Plan Paper In the contemporary, competitive business field, affiliations ought to assesstheir products and services to serve their clientele in a better way. What may have worked effectually and yielded profits yesterday may not apply today. Moreover, product or merchandise positioning and differentiation are core elements of an affiliation’s marketing plan or strategy. Furthermore, they are overtly pertinent in aiding the affiliation to stay ahead of the imminent competition. They, thus, require an innovative and prospective spirit that is coupled with careful analysis. In this case, QuickBooks is the accounting software whose brand is worldwide renowned and whose product positioning and differentiation strategies are prospective (Stock, 2011).
Differentiation of merchandise refers to the inculcation of attributes, such as pricing and quality, into a merchandise to encourage prospective clientele to perceive it as different and usable. For instance, the company that produces QuickBooks, the popular accounting software has its objectives in place. This is to ensure that the quality value of their software packages is accurate and never fails. Moreover, they have to ensure that there is timely delivery when clients order them online with no cases of faulty packages. With regard to the truth that other accounting package manufacturers bear diverse and unique merits against QuickBooks, this serves to differentiate it from its competitors (Hartline, 2010).
Positioning is how affiliations provide their merchandise or service brand identification as they enter the marketplace. This step follows determination of how to differentiate merchandise and services. For instance, in the case of the QuickBooks affiliation, it markets itself on the premise that it does not fail in delivery processes and that its merchandise is free from errors or indiscriminate faults. Besides, the accounting packages are positioned against the competitors’ similarly oriented packages from other affiliations. This is based on timely delivery and excellence in the creation. QuickBooks, therefore, ensure that they dedicate their marketing efforts to emphasize their positioning (Stock, 2011).
A positioning statement is a short phrase or sentence that communicates the pertinence or essence of differentiation and positioning prospects. This statement poses as a potential marketing applet, which prospectively judges all the marketing elements. This ensures that they are in place with the affiliation strategies. For instance, the QuickBooks positioning statement is “For small business owners, QuickBooks is an accounting software provider which enables work-life balance to small business owners unlike CGram software, which integrates JIT supply chain management services.” This statement appears in virtually all of their packages (Hartline, 2010). This ensures that all marketing merchandise coming from QuickBooks communicate the essence of how it different it is with regard to its position in the marketplace for accounting packages.
Besides, successful positioning, positioning statements and differentiation augur with each other. The positioning strategy follows the statement. Eventually, product positioning and differentiation strategies rely on an imaginative approach to the market area. For instance, QuickBooks, which manufactures high-operational accounting packages for prospective individuals and businesses, has opened up new market segments through its diverse packages that apply in various affiliations and different uses. Therefore, QuickBooks maintains its popularity and competitiveness through its business plan; which inculcates innovative differentiation and positioning strategies (Stock, 2011).
Hartline, M. (2010). Marketing Strategy, Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
Stock, W. (2011). Information Markets: A Strategic Guideline for the I-Commerce. New York, NY: Walter de Gruyter. Read More
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