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This research "Theories of Marketing Strategies" will begin with the statement that due to globalization and industrialization, the business environment today is very competitive. Many organizations that provide the same products to the market have been established…
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Theories of Marketing Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and other businesses strive to cut for themselves a niche in the market. To achieve this goal they employ marketing strategies to enable them to attain customer satisfaction. Today’s business environment is totally different from the traditional one. Technological advancement has completely changed the phase of customer demands. Nowadays customers demand the supply of sophisticated goods and services which comply with the latest technology in the market. Therefore, to gain market control it is crucial and essential to fully satisfy the needs and desires of customers (Neal & Quester, 2006). Marketing strategies enable organizations to achieve dominance over a targeted market niche thereby increasing their sales. This is because marketing strategies help organizations to focus their resources and energies on activities that will definitely lure the attention of potential customers. Marketing strategies emulate marketing goals stipulated by an organization and portray a mechanism of achieving them within a given time span. Moreover, marketing strategies combine marketing control elements such as product development, distribution, promotion and pricing among others thereby enabling organizations to attain their vision (Neal & Quester, 2006). Furthermore, organizations are able to allocate their resources accordingly. This enables them to identify appropriated target market segments, marketing mix, and position. In the process organizations effectively engage with their customers by the implementation of effective corporate strategies, goals, and mission thereby competently dealing with the market competition (Neal & Quester, 2006). Therefore, this research paper will elaborate on theories of marketing strategies that enable organizations to achieve market control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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