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London Stock Exchange - Why Invest in Shares - Research Proposal Example

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The research “London Stock Exchange - Why Invest in Shares?” gives one idea about the real market and theoretical one. Though trading was more or less short term, from this we can infer about long term too. There are some shares which gave a very good return…
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London Stock Exchange - Why Invest in Shares
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Extract of sample "London Stock Exchange - Why Invest in Shares"

Download file to see previous pages For a while, if we go into the history of stock exchange then, it is to be noted that, it was 11th century in France where the courtiers de change were concerned with maintaining the debts of agricultural communities on behalf of banks. These men could be termed as first brokers. Basic roles of stock exchanges can be outlined as below:
This report is all about the importance of the stock market and how trading can be done effectively. It discusses the basic fundamental of the stock market and market variation over time and place. In turn, it explains how trading in stock market changes its behavior in a time frame. In order to make the study realistic, research has been started with an initial account of amount notional 100,000 to invest and manage an active trading policy is followed. Constraints have been put in shares to be bought in multiples of 100 if the price is less than 2 and in multiples of 50 if the price is greater than 2. Debentures and Government stocks, which have a nominal value of 100 each, may be bought without restriction.
Along with that, transfer stamp is payable on all share purchases which is 0.50 for every 100 or fractional part of 100. As it is a study oriented trading, hence no provision is kept for overdraft facilities and no other source of finance. The trading period was till 28th March 2008; by this time all the holdings were liquidated and after that whatever observation is done, reported here. This paper first discusses what the stock market is all about and then the necessity of it. The trading table is presented in section 3 which describes a few more basic questions like, how the real market is different from a theoretical one and what are the factors that the market is dependent on etc.
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