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Impact of advertising and branding on consumer buying behavior for automobiles industries in india - Dissertation Example

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Marketing impact of advertising and branding on consumer buying behaviour for automobiles industries in India Contents 1. Introduction 4 1.1 Background of the study: 4 1.2 Aims and objectives or hypothesis: 8 1.3 Rationale of the study: 8 1.4 Limitation of the study: 9 1.5Plan of dissertation project conclusion: 9 2 Literature review 9 2.1 Introduction  9 2.2 Review theoretical literature 18 2.3 Review empirical literature 25 2.4 Conclusion 28 3…
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Impact of advertising and branding on consumer buying behavior for automobiles industries in india
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Extract of sample "Impact of advertising and branding on consumer buying behavior for automobiles industries in india"

Download file to see previous pages Conclusion 55 5.1 Introductions 55 5.2 Summary of the study with emphasis on key findings: 56 5.3 Implication of findings: 56 5.4 Direction for further research references and bibliography appendices 59 Appendix 63 1. Introduction 1.1 Background of the study: Brand is a unique characteristic of a product which no other product of a different organization cannot copy or produce. It can be a symbol, name, term, design, colour or other features. Brand is an extra value which customer ready to pay while purchasing a famous company’s product. Advertising is a part of marketing communication. Advertising is used to manipulate, encourage and persuade viewers which can be a specific group also, towards some action. Mostly the desired action is drive consumer behaviour towards some commercial products or services, sometimes ideological or political advertisement also done. Industries often use advertisement to increase the consumption rate of their products and services by consumer. This became very easy by branding. For example when customer thinks about a smart phone the first company name come to their mind is Apple. That is because of branding. Advertising can be mostly two types they are ATL and BTL. ATL (Above the line) is mainly the hoarding, banner types of OOH (out of home) advertising including the audio, visual advertisement in television or radio. Advertisement in print media is also another type of ATL. BTL (Below the line) advertisement are those when a company directly involving its sales force or chain members into advertisements of the product may be along with sales like giving more incentives to the sales representatives increasing commission according to the sale by salesman (Doraszelski and Markovich, 2007). . Consumer behaviour is the reflection of consumer attitude or reaction towards some products or advertisements or the organizations. Consumer behaviour can be different according to some factors like geographic, psychographic, demographic etc. Geographic consumer behaviours vary according to the geographic location of the consumer. Like people who lives on mountains or high hills their food habits or clothing’s is different from the people who lives near sea or ocean in some extend. People who live in cold climates their living standard and people who live in tropical zones their living standards are totally different. Demographic consumer behaviour varies according to the some criteria’s like age, sex, education, income, marital status, no. of children etc. to a certain product different age group people react differently. Kids are attracted to colourful and sweet products, teenagers and young people are attracted to cool and fashion trend products and matured people attracted to products which give them long term services and also bring extra value like brand. According to the sexual differences choice of the product varies. Girls like the colour pink but most boys like blue. According to different educational background interest of the people varies. Like people who are from technical background they are generally tech-savvy. So when a new technology comes to the market they get attracted to it. People who comes from arts and literature background they a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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