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Boo at the Zoo - Assignment Example

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Halloween Entertainment Business Name Professor Institution Course Date Key Words: Halloween, Santa Ana boo, Children, Animals, Festivals, Happy Halloween Weekends, Celebration, Introduction Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st or its last weekend annually (Hammond, 2011)…
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Boo at the Zoo
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Extract of sample "Boo at the Zoo"

Download file to see previous pages Citizens now anticipate for its events more than ever with several preparations that occur when the festivals are approaching. Among many, Halloween spirit has now become more than a fashion and fun extravaganza but also a lucrative business opportunity that many investors are rushing into (Kullstroem, 2009). Thesis sentence: In the wake of globalization of the Halloween festivals, these celebrations are now generating lump sum income to investors because they offer attractive business opportunities like selling costumes and decorations. The size of Halloween market is widely increasing due to the festival’s globalization process mostly in European and African states (Kullstroem, 2009). For instance, according to the 2009 US statistics businesses that specialize in making Halloween costumes, they recorded a profit of $5.8 billion (Hyatt, 2012). In Canada, the same Halloween entertainment business industry had net profit of $331million spent on candy only (Hyatt, 2012). The latter is because during events like boo at zoo at Santa Ana which encompass free give ways of candy to kids who often visit the site to have fun. This indicates how popular the event has been as well as consumers willing to spend money on festivals, which makes the entire business highly lucrative. For the last 23 years, the spectacular event encompassing Boo at zoo is one of US’ longest running Halloween events providing thrilling fun time for general family irrespective of one’s age or class (Hyatt, 2012). Through Boo and zoo event, US citizens get the opportunity to participate in Halloween event fully because it can accommodate people of all ages and class. Many people love the Halloween spirit mainly in US and Boo At Zoo at Santa Ana provide the best platform for them to engage in the event. In this event, guests have an opportunity to explore several prize stations on the Trick-Or-Treat trail as well as Halloween themed game activities that consist of storytelling and sing-along (Hyatt, 2012). These activities include, a train ride, a story telling moment as well as a costume parade time. The Santa Ana Zoo located at prentice park, which is right in the middle of an urban setting, is a major oasis at Orange County in US (Borsting, 2010). Founded by Joseph Prentice in 1952, he requested that at least 50 monkey pack maintained in the park at all times (Borsting, 2010). In order for boo at the zoo occasion have the much needed Halloween spirit, the site has to embrace varied decorations in accordance to the population group that usually visits the site. Boo at the zoo has been instrumental in evolving the Halloween event from a frightening adult festival to a fun time event that is now giving families an opportunity to have fun. For instance, during the event, there is always an express train ride for not only children but also adults. The latter is a machine that costs a lot and rarely seen in other diverse avenues. Besides, there are different locations for animals of diverse species in the park, which are vital in letting kids learn about animals. For example, the zoo nocturnal animal activity that is important for children to learn about diverse animals. In addition, during the evening participants engage in a night costume activity where the best-costumed person receives a prize (Hassiotis, 2008). All these aspects entail expensive decorations done by certain companies in the Halloween ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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