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The assignment is to develop an advertising strategy for a franchise of your choosing - Coursework Example

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Advertising strategy for Intercontinental Hotels Group Instructor: Institution: Course: Date: Advertising Strategy for Intercontinental Hotels Group The Intercontinental Hotels is one of the major franchise groups in the world. The group is involved in the provision of the hotel facilities and services to its customers…
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The assignment is to develop an advertising strategy for a franchise of your choosing
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Download file to see previous pages The company is defined by its unlimited milestones in the world of innovation and customer service. The marketing strategies of this franchise are dependent on customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and the utter need to expand beyond the current dimensions. Therefore, a diverse and cumulative marketing strategy is necessary to ensure that the franchise expands. The marketing strategies will involve finding the customers, maintaining their brands, networking, and selling of the product to the market. The Intercontinental Hotels Group is mainly concerned with customer satisfaction in order to oversee the final revenues of the franchise. The group should maintain the customer loyalty. This may be done through the provision of the best services to the customers to win their trust. The specific needs of the customer are taken into consideration. The customer is the basis of any business transaction. The staff at the franchise ensures that customer satisfaction is a necessity. The mission of the franchise is to ensure that the customer gets an excellent service. All the other protocols of the franchise ensure that this mission is set to ensure that the customer loyalty is retained. The customer complaints are dealt with amicably and efficiently. Part of the marketing strategy is the introduction of the wireless network in the hotel rooms. This tends to give the customer a unique undertaking compared to the other competing hotels. All this improves the customer satisfaction and thus making the revenues increase eventually. Advertising techniques are also necessary for the marketing of this franchise. The company is widespread all over the world, and thus the large market stretch the hotel must serve. The provision of the best advertisement techniques deems the group successful in the management and customer service. The hotel provides five star services to its customers to try outdo other competitors in the same market. The best technique of advertising is the online advertising. The hotel provided the enigmatic service of online booking of rooms. The potential customers identify with the networking form of marketing. Currently, many people can access the social media through sites such as twitter, Facebook, and other sites. The ability of the group to prioritize the use of these services is a bold step in ensuring the culmination of the standards of advertisement in the marketing sector. Therefore, their marketing structure should ensure that customer appeal is portrayed. The group has been on the forefront of technology in the super positioning of better online technology measures in the franchise. The hotels have secured and simplified the private and public clouding network. This has the advantage of ensuring the provision of a favorable virtual network all over its hotels, including the resources in the software-defined networks. This has provided the cloud security and thus ensuring for the efficient communication to ensure a unified consumer satisfaction (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). The customers can also access the services the hotels provide using the online means without being conned. Customer confidence is boosted since they can migrate around the private, public or hybrid cloud environments easily. Videos are posted online, and the customers can watch and make choices on the best services they want. Therefore, a larger target market is reached via the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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