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The paper "Role of Internal Marketing" highlights that quality in product and service Excellency cannot be achieved without the satisfaction of the employees. This can be achieved through internal marketing by distributing knowledge about the brand and company throughout the company. …
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Role of Internal Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages Within recent times, the concept of internal marketing has rapidly increased and has been integrated with the branding and management of employees. This endeavours to develop stronger relationships between the brand experience of employee and customer. This gives the organisations three benefits; motivated employees, satisfied customers and increased profitability. Thus, basically, internal marketing can be termed as a philosophy adopted by the management to promote the policies of the firm as well as the firm itself to its employees believing them as their internal customers. It sheds light on the fact that it is important to involve the staff at all functional levels of an organisation, by engrossing them in the marketing programs that deliver the importance of understanding and managing their roles efficiently in the marketing process. Training and development if the employees, how to carry out internal communications effectively, how to integrate with fellow colleagues are all examples of programs that are part of internal marketing and are organized from time to time and designed in such a way that helps the employees to enhance their knowledge and understanding regarding the overall orientation of marketing within the organisation (Levin, R 2010). Internal marketing is a continuous process of upskilling within the organisation. The main purpose of this process is to monitor employee behaviour and keep it aligned with the organisation’s norms and culture, as well as make sure that the employees are well aware of the core values of the organisation. 
Internal marketing is more of an inside-out approach and looks out for the betterment of employee’s attitude by motivating, reframing and empowering them while giving customers a positive satisfactory experience (Rafiq & Ahmed, 1995). The businesses that are supported by the processes of internal marketing are very well balanced and also successful. They are able to create a culture that enables employees to be participative. Employees have a lot of creative ideas and if, it is an innovative idea and their creativity are given acknowledgement that they are highly motivated. By empowering the employees' management can improve its organisation's efficiency and effectiveness as they are allowed to take initiatives on their creative and innovative ideas, and are responsible and accountable for their decisions. Also, such businesses involve their existing employees in the process of recruiting new employees. This practice gives a feeling of superiority in the current employees and they feel that they are an important part of the organisation (Caruana & Calleya, 1998). Businesses that are practicing internal marketing diligently ensure that the employees are recognized and rewarded for what they achieve. Besides this, it is also an organisation’s responsibility to console and treat the employees fairly if they are facing some hard situations or going through a difficult time. Lastly, an organisation that is oriented with the internal marketing process has a very well developed structure that has a lot of learning, and there are a check and balance through total quality management.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Role of Internal Marketing" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own example.

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