Temporary Morgue Facilities Planning for Mass Fatality Incidents in the U.A.E - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Temporary Morgue Facilities Planning for Mass Fatality Incidents in the U.A.E. " expects to determine some of the factors that are considered for selecting facilities for use as temporary Morgue and storage locations for mass fatality management in the United Arab Emirates…
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Download file to see previous pages Disasters are unpredictable. When they occur, they have the potential of killing enough people that can overwhelm any particular jurisdiction. It is vital, therefore, that communities prepare in advance to manage any potential consequences that may arise in the aftermath of a disaster. For communities to prepare adequately, they need to be equipped with the right combination of incident management, training, supplies, and personnel. Some of the assets that the communities may find valuable include body bags, forensic and storage facilities, disaster response/recovery team, search and cadaver dogs, and crisis and grief counselors. Lack of temporary morgues facilities can pose a number of challenges some of which include the following. Lack of temporary morgues exposes the bodies to high decomposition in the open. Hospitals may also be overwhelmed due to lack of space or risk of cross-contamination between inpatients and the dead bodies. Lack of temporary morgues facilities poses a threat of epidemic outbreak as there is no separation of the diseased from the living (Sadiq & McEntire, 2012).  The purpose of this research is to determine the factors considered for selecting facilities for use as temporary morgues during a mass fatality incident in the United Arab Emirates. The main question to be answered in this research is, how can we select temporary morgue locations for mass fatality management in the UAE? Considering that there are no universal standards for temporary morgue selection, we need to answer the following sub-questions. Why are temporary morgues important? In past disasters in different countries what were the temporary morgue locations selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different types of temporary morgues? What are other countries/ cities doing to identify and plan for temporary morgue locations? What are the factors that can be standardized from reviewing the sections in MFM plans? Mass fatality management refers to the ability of various agencies, including emergency management, law enforcement, healthcare, and medical examiner, to coordinate with each other in ensuring that there is proper recovery, identification, handling, transportation, tracking, storage, and disposal of human remains and personal effects (Sadiq & McEntire, 2012). There exists a number of challenges that are associated with mass fatality management. Among the common challenges that have been cited by most scholars include poor MFM plans, lack of expertise in handling bodies, disfigured bodies and bone fragments, lack of predeath data, and cultural and religious preferences for handling the dead. With regards to poor MFM plans, a number of reasons have been identified. One of these is the “it won’t happen” mindset. With this kind of mindset, it becomes quite hard for the individuals responsible to pay attention to the plan. Another common challenge is that the resolution of mass fatality management plan usually takes time; it may take days, weeks or more. Another potential challenge lies in the determination of the kind of specialists that might be needed to augment local capabilities and mobilize the available resources. According to Sadiq & McEntire (2012), other potential challenges in MFM include aftershocks, debris which may consists of glass and metals, movement and tampering of bodies by ordinary citizens, lack of resources, the smell of decomposing bodies, the threat of epidemics, environmental factors such as storm surges, animals, and weather, unidentified bodies, psychological stress, and looting by survivors.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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