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Operational and Management Factors that Influence Success in Event Management - Assignment Example

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The primary objective of this assignment is to develop an event management plan of hospitality contract for the Christmas event in the institution campus. The selected date for the event has been scheduled on 16/12/2014. The date of the event was selected in accordance with the schedule…
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Operational and Management Factors that Influence Success in Event Management
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Extract of sample "Operational and Management Factors that Influence Success in Event Management"

Download file to see previous pages According to the planned numbers and targets for the event, catering for 35 to 40 individuals including both students and teaching staff members will be arranged.
The plan of the proposed Christmas event has been integrated as a well-structured design by encompassing different essential activities and elements. In order to deal with possible issues regarding event activities, the proposed plan also determines factors may have a major influence on the event to achieve its postulated goals and objectives.
In order to deal with issues associated with the location of the Christmas event, the event management team will seek a prior consent from the management and authoritative committee of the institution regarding the use of LCUCK B6 for organizing the proposed Christmas event. The process would provide a major support of making an arrangement of the required resources linked with the event. In the context of the liaison of event activities, the programs such as decoration of the classroom along with food items for each involved members and guest in accordance with an appropriate sequence and priority will be ensured. In addition, the event management committee will also be led by the managers with an agreement of each individual member in the group. The managing committee of the event will be accountable for designing, aligning, controlling and directing each activity to be performed in the event.
The services to be provided in the event are characterized by few key segments in order to minimize possible flaws in the event. The key segments of the services include invitation, decoration, menu and food service. The segmentation of services associated with the Christmas event will help to easily perform activities on each level of the program without any delay or confusion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Operational and Management Factors That Influence Success in Event Assignment)
Operational and Management Factors That Influence Success in Event Assignment.
“Operational and Management Factors That Influence Success in Event Assignment”, n.d.
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