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Relationship between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection - Research Proposal Example

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"Relationship between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection" paper finds out how companies choose their suppliers to supply products and identifies which criteria each company uses in its supplier selection and whether they work always or they have to change them from time to time…
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Relationship between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection
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Extract of sample "Relationship between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection"

Download file to see previous pages Supply chain structure is made up of several components which include, manufacturers, suppliers, warehouses, factories, distribution agents, transit, etc (Abramowicz & Zurada, 2000). the structure is a channel for supplying products that are raw for the purpose of reassembling to come with a finished end product. Due to the important signs of the supply chain it is useful to ensure that the products are supplied in the right quantities, the right moment, the correct place, and at a low cost to enhance the manufacturer’s performance. Therefore supply chain management is the management of the physical path of these products and flow of communication from the purchasing level to distribution, delivery, and production of the end product to be sold to the customers. This process requires strategizing and strengthening the relations between suppliers and purchasers and coming up with excellent criteria for choosing suppliers in order to reduce cost and increase supplier and manufacturing performance.

According to the American Journal of a business titled building supply chains: a key to enhancing manufacturing performance, it shows the relationship that exists between using good criteria to select suppliers in the selection process and involving suppliers in inter-company product design and other activities on impacting on the supplier and purchasing company performance. These two elements which demonstrate the relationship between supply chain structure and supplier selection show how a manufacturer can achieve maximum performance and reduce the cost of purchasing supplies (Tracey & Vonderembse, 2000). The supplier selection process which involves evaluating, reviewing, and choosing the appropriate supply is an important part of the supply chain which should be considered very important.

Manufacturers and purchasers should therefore, apply the most appropriate criteria when choosing suppliers to ensure they obtain the products that are of high quality, consistently available, and delivered without delay. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relationship between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection Research Proposal.
(Relationship Between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection Research Proposal)
Relationship Between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection Research Proposal.
“Relationship Between Supply Chain Structure Supplier Selection Research Proposal”.
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