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Management Theory, Communication, and Organization Structure - Assignment Example

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This paper "Management Theory, Communication, and Organization Structure" focuses on the fact that the construction industry has emerged as an efficiency-oriented and value-driven industry. This stands to be more than true when one considers the developments in a post-recession scenario.  …
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Management Theory, Communication, and Organization Structure
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Extract of sample "Management Theory, Communication, and Organization Structure"

Download file to see previous pages a) The given information is based on the concerned scholar's four-day work experience with A.C. Lloyd Group of Companies. During this time, the concerned scholar tried to have an overview of the functioning of varied departments in the organizations, by serving as an associate to the concerned Line Managers.
During the time spent at the above-mentioned company, it was realized that the organization well understood the relevance of effective communication in assuring the success of any project. This does not mean that the company did not have its share of communication problems.
A.C. Lloyd is a multifaceted and versatile construction company. The managers here use a wide range of communication channels, approaches and media, which rely for optimization on a mix of written, visual and oral skills. Very really it was found that the managers favoured a communication approach that was predominantly dependent on a single communication skill, be it written, visual or oral.
Internet and intranet were prolifically used in the company to aid communication amongst important internal and external stakeholders in all the aspects of construction and project management and supervision. During the pre-design stage, design stage and detailed drawing stage the architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and managers extensively used 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Models to plan and convey details and information, to chalk estimates and for project planning. The information and communication technology was also extensively used in the logistics and supply chain management aspect of a business, so as to allow for a lean approach towards project management. This allowed for an efficient exploitation of construction materials, machines and equipment and well coordinated the overall construction process.
As far as the organization under consideration is considered if one approaches the communication aspect in a singular perspective, there existed in various areas where existed as barriers to communication, be it physical, psychological or intellectual.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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