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Environment Management at Yamama Cement Company - Assignment Example

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The paper “Environment Management at Yamama Cement Company” will identify the issues to be explored and addressed in an environmental impact report for Yamama Cement. The issues of environmental impact that must be considered in an Environmental Impact Assessment for Yamama Cement are six-fold…
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Environment Management at Yamama Cement Company
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Download file to see previous pages Such techniques include proper handling of environmental issues, effective marketing strategies and up to date human resource and employee relationship techniques. However, this paper will mainly discuss various characteristics of Environment Management programmes at Yamama Cement Company.
The issues of environmental impact that must be considered in an Environmental Impact Assessment for Yamama Cement are six-fold: climate protection, fuels and raw materials, health and safety, emissions reduction, local impacts and concrete recycling. (Yamama Cement Website, 2010) This issue matrix is adopted from the World Business Council for Sustainable Developments (WBCS), “Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI)”. (“Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI)”)
3. Health and safety: In this field, the World Business Council for Sustainable Developments (WBCS), “Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI)” motto is Aiming for Zero. The objective is no employee injuries or fatalities.
5. Local impacts: This aspect of environmental stewardship involves reduction of airborne particulate matter discharge and noise, “disturbance to landscape, local watershed and local biodiversity caused by limestone quarrying” and involvement of all relevant local stakeholders.
Presence of world’s hottest deserts makes the Middle East one amongst hottest countries of the world with extremely hot and dry weather. Hence, all kinds of traders and manufacturers keep in mind its exceptionally harsh climatic conditions and use construction materials which can provide an effective resistance to heat and dryness. (Sinton, 2005, 450) For example, builders need to use waterproof foundation for buildings in order to avoid water infiltration due to a corrosive characteristic of salt present in the underground water within the Middle East. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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