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Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal - Assignment Example

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"Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal" paper states that most forces in this project are driving ones and they have a high level of importance. The restraining forces either have a relatively low likelihood or can be regulated by the government of China…
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Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal
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Extract of sample "Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal"

Download file to see previous pages Some stakeholders can be both driving (positive) and restraining (negative) forces, it depends on how the project will meet their interests. These forces are marked by a dotted line. If changes happen, and the project won’t meet the interests of some of these stakeholders, a vector of the corresponding force will be changed onto the opposite and the force will move onto the opposite part of the diagram.

Each half of the diagram (left and right) is divided into three parts – Low, Medium and High. It defines the size of a force vector and indicates the importance (power) of a given force. Short forces have a low level of power.

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) – undoubtedly advancing and powerful force, as it is related to a government decision-making process. It is highly interested in the success of the project.

Ministry of Finance – another advancing and very powerful force, a major investor, highly interested in the success of the project. But in a case of unforeseen consequences can delay or stop investment, or even close the project.

Sub-contractors and Suppliers – these are not major stakeholders, but they represent a real powerful force that can affect the progress of the project positively (if they work according to contracts and plans) or negatively (if they violate the conditions of the contract).

Airport agencies and services, as well as Prospective passengers – they are interested in the project success and undoubtedly will have advantages from the project, but they both have a low level of power.

Local residents – actually these stakeholders more likely can be referred to a driving force, but as a driving force, they have a low level of power, while their power increases in a case when they represent a restraining force. This may happen if they will not be satisfied by the government compensation of their dwellings.

Archaeological research department – it is a real restraining force that can influence the progress of the project. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Assignment - 2.
(Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Assignment - 2)
Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Assignment - 2.
“Project Management of Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Assignment - 2”.
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