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Impact of Social Networking on Career Progression - Assignment Example

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This essay analyzes that the current recession and downturn in the market has changed our lives in multiple ways. Spending, unemployment, job cuts, inflation, and others are the most common areas that have changed. This recession has also indicated the severe needs for employees to improve their abilities…
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Impact of Social Networking on Career Progression
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Extract of sample "Impact of Social Networking on Career Progression"

Download file to see previous pages Official numbers and reports indicate the same. Let us consider the example of LinkedIn. Launched in May 2003, it is a business orientated social networking site (Goetchius, pp. 23-25, 2007).
For the past couple of years, when a recession was on its peak, LinkedIn’s growth in terms of the number of members increased by almost 200% (Greenhaus, Callanan & Godshalk, pp. 52-55, 2009). According to the reports for the first quarter of 2010, it has more than 65 million members. However, it is even more interesting to note that most of the newcomers to LinkedIn are former employees in the badly hit financial sector. Quite understandably, these people are looking towards social networking with all the hope and wish that this online social networking will help them with their career progression. Therefore, it would be interesting to explore that how actually can online social networking help employers to boost their career prospects. The rest of this paper is an attempt to look at the same.
In order to simplify and facilitate the discussion, it would be helpful to divide the discussion into two distinctive parts. It appears that “Online Social Networking” is a product of two major elements. The first one being “online” and the second one is “social networking”. This paper would study the impact of both separately and towards the end would present the picture as a whole. The former part has taken the first place in the discussion.
Without any doubts, social networking is not an integral part or pre-requisite for career progression but for anything in life. “Man is a social animal and with food clothing and shelter, relationships, social bonding, and contacts are amongst his major needs” (Hunt, pp. 5-6, 2009). Realizing the importance of social networking, parents try to teach the same to their children in their very early ages.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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