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Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization - Assignment Example

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The paper “Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization” shall research if the strategic management systems are really able to provide the organization with the necessary information to improve its products and services…
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Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages He will change his brand as soon as he realizes that his needs might be catered in a better way by some other brand. This creates the need for efficient planning tools and updated information.
An important aspect here is that the management system should work in accordance with the vision of the organization. It is only one of the reasons for the failure of a system. There are several more causes that shall be investigated.
It shall be investigated as to how strategic management systems assist in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a company (Hitt 2009). It gives the company an opportunity to make their products and services better for their customers.
Strategic management systems can be defined as the process by the help of which the internal strengths of the organization are aligned with the demands from its external environment so that the resources are efficiently assigned and thus utilized (Tavana & Banerjee 1995). Some companies who have this type of information tend to make good use of it to gain a competitive edge in the market (Irwin 1995).
Pant et al (1995) stated that when the system is developed, the company’s objectives, goals, and priorities should be well understood by the people developing it. This way the system will be able to generate more reliable results for the organization. The future plans and direction of the organization should also be kept in mind so that the system is flexible enough to cater to the needs that might arise later (Gregory 2007). Pant addressed an important aspect of the implementation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization Assignment - 2, n.d.)
Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization Assignment - 2.
(Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization Assignment - 2)
Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization Assignment - 2.
“Strategic Management Systems in the Decision Making of an Organization Assignment - 2”.
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