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The Correct Decision for Racter & Grimble for Improving the Sales Activity of the Company - Book Report/Review Example

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The main aim and objectives of this report are to find out the correct decision, options for Racter & Grimble from the variety of options available for improving the sales activity of the company. This report includes different scenarios and alternative for choosing the best options for the company…
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The Correct Decision for Racter & Grimble for Improving the Sales Activity of the Company
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Extract of sample "The Correct Decision for Racter & Grimble for Improving the Sales Activity of the Company"

Download file to see previous pages The decision aids have got an important role in choosing or finding different alternatives for the company in order to make an improvement. A poor decision aid will put everything upside down. Three important issues or logic needed to take into consideration in case of Racter & Grimble while taking decision for choosing the alternatives is “Task settings, critical qualities of aid produced, and motivational pressures on the use qualities.” (Brown 1999, p. 5). Good decision aid always is very useful in every situation. Decision Aids always helps to understand the issues in the situation or while choosing different alternatives. This is very important. The main requirement of Decision Aids must be based on the output. That is, output must be relevant with respect to the problem. Here, in this case, the problem is choosing the best ever alternatives from different options in order to enhance the sales of Racter & Grimble. Clarification and articulations must be done for various objectives and values. In case of any uncertainties; it must be identified and relevant data must be gathered. In the case of evaluating the options, the best judgment must be made. Judgment must be made based on considering different available options and their drawbacks. The chosen option must be compared with other options also. Besides, a sensitivity analysis must also be done with respect to the chosen option. In the last step; it is required to check whether the chosen option is comfortable or any extra recommendation is needed regarding this in order to enhance their functionality more. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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