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Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Travelex Foreign Exchange - Assignment Example

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This paper "Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Travelex Foreign Exchange" focuses on the fact that as a Training Coordinator for the said Company, the author's job entails a lot of responsibility in the area of inducting and training new recruits to the Company. …
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Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Travelex Foreign Exchange
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Extract of sample "Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Travelex Foreign Exchange"

Download file to see previous pages As earlier stated, I have chosen to answer Option No. 1 which is about drafting and crafting a strategic plan which can be implemented in my workplace as a learning workplace on the basis of its analysis and identification made in the earlier assignments. As also required, the initial paragraph, following this, makes a brief review of what has been done in Assignments 1 and 2. Since as a Training Coordinator, my job entails the induction, training and assessment of the progress of the new hires, I have focused my answer to these three areas and divided the paper into Induction and Training, and; Assessment/Evaluation.

The first assignment was about the physical and social environments of the workplace and in that assignment I introduced the nature of my work at Travelex which is to conduct induction of the new employees after they are selected from among the applicants during the recruitment and selection stage, to train these new hires for the work they have been employed for, including the planning of materials and resources to be used for each training and, conduct an assessment of the progress of the new hires during the first several months of their work. In that said assignment I gave a description of the physical environment where I conduct all of the above and outlined the several stages of the induction and training. I likewise made my own assessment of the impact of the current world recession on my job as a Training Coordinator and how such economic crisis affected me and other Training Coordinators like me at Travelex.

In the second assignment, I chose to discuss the role of the different workplace learning tools as applied to my organization. To properly discuss the use of these workplace learning tools, I gave a detailed description of how the induction, training and subsequent assessment of the new employees take place and how the different learning skills are incorporated during each of these phases  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Tr Assignment.
(Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Tr Assignment)
Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Tr Assignment.
“Developing a Strategy to Enhance Workplace Learning in Workplace at Tr Assignment”.
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