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Impact of Motivational Factors upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and Standard Chartered Pakistan - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Impact of Motivational Factors upon Employees – at Bank AlFalah and Standard Chartered Pakistan" proposes a research study that aims to perform a comparative analysis to examine the effectiveness and significance of the motivational measures, policies adopted by banks of Pakistan. …
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Impact of Motivational Factors upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and Standard Chartered Pakistan
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Extract of sample "Impact of Motivational Factors upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and Standard Chartered Pakistan"

Download file to see previous pages The impacts of these policies upon the employees of the banks will be studied with the help of the responses of the employees of both of the banks. The proposed research study will present the case studies of these two banks by employing a qualitative research approach. The data and information for the study will be collected through secondary and primary resources i.e. through literature review and in-depth interviews of the employees of both the banks. The study will help in the identification of the major strengths and weaknesses present in the motivational policies of these banks and will allow proposing the formulation of improved policies.

Motivation basically refers to satisfying one’s needs through different actions and behaviours (Hills, 1979, p34). Motivation has the capability to strongly affect the performances of the employees and it has been recognized and accepted by the experts as one of the most important responsibilities of the human resource managers of today that they should develop effective motivational strategies that allow the employees to give their best to the organization (Bittle et al, 1990, p456). The importance of motivating the employees through different policies and plans is being recognized by the organizations of all the sectors and industries around the globe. With no exception, the banking industry also seeks efficient performance of the employees because the bank managers are also aware of the role of motivated employees in the growth and efficient performance of the bank. In different banks, the managers tend to motivate the employees to perform at their best and for this purpose; they use to offer several incentives and benefits to the employees.

The formulation and implementation of motivational policies and plans may always not benefit an organization in terms of better employees’ performances. It is very important that the management also keep an eye towards the responses of their employees to the motivational policies implemented by them so that they can evaluate and examine the fruitfulness and effectiveness of these policies (Frunzi and Patrick, 1997, p21).    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Motivational Factors upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and St Research Proposal.
(Impact of Motivational Factors Upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and St Research Proposal)
Impact of Motivational Factors Upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and St Research Proposal.
“Impact of Motivational Factors Upon Employees at Bank AlFalah and St Research Proposal”.
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