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The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Organisation - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Organisation" states that concepts of risk & security and health & safety can be controlled more effectively using specific strategic tools; technology can be also employed in order to improve the protection provided…
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The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Organisation
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Extract of sample "The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Organisation"

Download file to see previous pages Managers in modern organizations tend to use appropriately customized policies – in accordance with their firms’ needs and resources (employees, funds, technology) available. The current paper focuses on the examination of the various aspects of security, risk, health and safety within large organizations; Particular emphasis is paid on the fact that the demands of each one of these factors may be differentiated under the pressure of the market conditions and the organizational priorities. The case of Shell in Nigeria has been used as an example in order to show the potential co-existence and interaction of these factors within a specific organizational environment. The measures required and the role of the security managers are also critically examined taking into consideration the fact that firms tend to perform differently in periods of financial crisis or political instability. Specific strategic options are necessary in order to minimize the risks related to a firm’s security or the health of its employees/ customers. Managers involved in the relevant initiatives need to be appropriately skilled and willing to communicate with employees in order to keep the competitiveness of their firm at high levels. Of course, all managerial plans are likely to face the risk of failure especially under the influence of strong financial turbulences in the local or the international market; the existence of appropriate plans could help to the limitation of the effects of this crisis on the performance of a particular organization.
Risk and security are two concepts often identified in modern organizations. The aspects and the characteristics of these concepts are likely to be differentiated across organizations in accordance with the culture, the priorities and the mission of each business entity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Coursework, n.d.)
The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Coursework.
(The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Coursework)
The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Coursework.
“The Relationship Between Security, Risk and Health in a Large Coursework”.
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