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The Successful Management of the Change for XYZ - Statistics Project Example

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The following project titled ‘Change Management Plan for XYZ’ is aimed at examining the change management project that took place in XYZ. The first part will try to identify the need for change and its implications, particularly on human behaviour…
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The Successful Management of the Change for XYZ
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Extract of sample "The Successful Management of the Change for XYZ"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational change or change in general can be defined from a variety of points depending on the perception of the user. An individual or employee in an organization may look at a new post or position as a change while higher management may feel it is unimportant. (Cao et al, 2000, p187). Changes viewed also by management may also not be looked upon as change by outsiders like competitors or suppliers. This has led to the categorizing of change in various ways, some of which include strategic and non-strategic change, incremental and radical change, changes of identity, co-ordination and control, planned and emergent change, change in terms of scale, human-centered change in terms of individual, group and inter-group or organizational level, quantum change and so on. (Cao et al, 2000, p187; Todnem, 2005, p372). Changes can also be structural, that is dealing with the physical alteration of an organization like its buildings and equipment or even employees. (Bennett & Durkin, 2000). On the other hand, it may be a change in process, that is, the way the related group of tasks are combined to create value for a target customer. (Cao et al, 2000, p188). A change can as well be in functions, that is, the decision system or policy and resource allocation duties of a particular element of an organization. There can also be changes in values, beliefs and human behaviour,r in terms of social rules and relationships and so on. (Cao et al, 2000, p187). Lastly, there can be changes in the distribution of power and level of influence with an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Successful Management of the Change for XYZ Statistics Project - 1.
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