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This paper tells that the status of the System Engineering portion is in jeopardy as there are various shortcomings associated with the same. As observed from the case study, there is an imminent lack of adequate preparation both on the human and financial resources to facilitate the completion of the project…
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Systems Engineering Management
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Systems Engineering Management
The status of the System Engineering IPT portion is in jeopardy as there are various shortcomings associated with the same. As observed from the case study, there is an imminent lack of adequate preparation both on the human and financial resources to facilitate the completion of the project (Case Study, 2015). In addition, the company lacks sufficient information and time to carry out a detailed analysis on the same to aid in making essential decisions concerning the project. As Bob laments, the project relies on inadequate sources of information, and it is implemented on experience-related assumptions drawn from the expertise of the engineers.
Question 4.2.
The G-Soft was the riskiest function that the program could embrace. Precisely, this is because it had a poor managerial structure and duty stipulation making it ineffective. Additionally, the workers in the program were resentful because of their withdrawal from the previous workstation without prior knowledge. Consequently, their morale is low, resulting in poor team cohesion. The Techno State University has the most impact on the program as a whole (Case Study, 2015). Specifically, this is because the university professor had sufficient experience in developing devices for use in similar research. In addition, the Direct Broadcast mode used with the SASS program met the specification required in the transfer of data to support field measurements. In spite of that, the major shortcoming of the Techno University subcontractor was the high cost of the SASS function needed in the primary program.
Question 4.3.
The ethical concern facing Jim is the rational of proceeding with the project amidst the threats facing the program and the lack of an adequate solution for the same. Specifically, this concerns the absence of both human and financial resources, as well as information to make sound decisions.
Question 4.4.
Bob should approach the head of the Spacecraft IPT and discuss about the importance of collaboration in executing the program projects. In doing so, he should inform him that the information required by his team is critical for the completion of other parts of the program (Case Study, 2015). In addition, he should emphasize that a delay in one of the projects can lead to a failure of the whole program. Furthermore, he should consult external officers such as the head of the program to intervene and find a permanent solution to the problem.
Question 4.5.
Acme should convince the government to purchase the program because it is vital for the vocal communal group that required the information to support field measurements (Case Study, 2015). Since the data obtained is crucial for the completion of the SDR, it is imperative for the program managers to ensure that the Direct Broadcast mode is acquired for a successful conclusion of the task.
Question 4.6.
In the next three months, Bob should concentrate on harmonizing the projects within the program to ensure a cohesive and productive cooperation (Case Study, 2015). In addition, he should focus on the human factor to ensure that each project has adequate personnel to facilitate the execution of their specific mandate.
Case Study. (2015). Systems Engineering Management Part 4 [pdf]. Read More
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