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Does Culture, Motivation & Productivity affect value addition. The case study upon ASK Italian Restaurant UK - Literature review Example

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Using ASK Italian as a case study in the present paper, different literatures related to the topic under discussion are going to be reviewed (Stone, 2008) Various aspects of the topic i.e…
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Does Culture, Motivation & Productivity affect value addition. The case study upon ASK Italian Restaurant UK
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Extract of sample "Does Culture, Motivation & Productivity affect value addition. The case study upon ASK Italian Restaurant UK"

Download file to see previous pages Many of these scholars agree that employee recruitment and application of different management practices are mainly geared towards adding value to the particular business in question (Zamora 2003, p.17; Ulrich 2008, p. 21). Like any other business, ASK Italian restaurant is a business in which the managerial styles and work environment are made to be conducive purposefully to add value to the business. ASK Italian is a British casual dining restaurant chain that mainly serves Italian cuisine (food, wine and culture, to say the least) in different parts of UK (Empathica Develops 2012, p.9). ASK restaurants are situated in prime positions with each restaurant having a unique design to fit the setting (Italians got Everything 2010, p. 11). It must be noted in this regard that the setting together with the culture of the people around and the general productivity of the business affects greatly the value addition and the management practices of ASK businesses across UK. Value addition and the customer care management practices when ejected in appropriate measure into the business makes the business stand out in the crowded world of competitors (Melling, 2008).
Research done by Thomas and Kerr (2004) indicated that motivation level varies depending on the different functions in the workplace. According to Heinrichs (2013), Motivation can be categorized into either intrinsic motivation as referring to those motivations coming from the value of work for an individual. Or, on the other hand, can be extrinsic motivation, which are those motivations that originate from outside work itself. Differently put these are motivations coming from the desire to obtain an outcome independent of the work itself. The various functions in the work environment may include factors like evaluation, expectation, actual performance feedback, reward, autonomy or the very nature of the work itself (Tabassi, Mahyuddin and Abu 2007, p.145).
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