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There are various steps followed in order to reach the final list of values that may be attributed to me by others.
At this stage, I will identify the moments in time when I was the happiest…
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Values Scenario 1
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Personal/Work Values The essay identifies and clarifies my personal values in my career and personal life. There are various steps followed in order to reach the final list of values that may be attributed to me by others.
Step 1
At this stage, I will identify the moments in time when I was the happiest both in personal and career life. I remember the year when we undertook a construction project as a team of seven people, and at the end of the scheduled we achieved success. Teamwork remains my primary personal value at home or the workplace. The project was complete by the end of the scheduled time, and we had saved close to 10% of the estimated money invested in that project. I was very happy at this time because of achieving great success.
Step 2
Godly virtues and values are discussed in this stage. I declare that God’s values such as honesty, faith and being compassionate to others have been very important in my life. Drawing example from the Bible one can see that Job was faithful to God, and that is why he was healed. In addition, forgiveness is a value that is of important to God. From the Bible, we know that God gave his only son for the sake of forgiveness of our sins (Gulla 34). I have succeeded in my exams and interviews because I had enough faith in God. Being a compassionate guy I have impacted on disabled persons, whom I assist with food and clothing.
Step 3
I felt satisfied when I managed a whole project by myself through perseverance and the same time having self-discipline. The completion of the project fulfilled my ultimate desire that one can succeed in life if you have self-drive and self-discipline. That success partly guaranteed me that I will be successful in future when a drive myself in every aspect of life. Other factors that contributed to that fulfilment include the support from my colleagues and the honesty in my work.
Step 4; definition of values (Gulla 39-40)
Teamwork; the term may refer to the act of participated together with others to execute certain tasks.
Success; refer to the completion of an activity and achievement of set objectives.
Honesty; the term refers to the uprightness and being truthful in what you do.
Faith; in a biblical context, the term may refer to the strong belief and confidence in God.
Compassion; it is the state of feeling concerned and sympathizing with those who are suffering.
Forgiveness; is the act of being forgiven and forgiving others for the wrongs they have committed unto you.
Perseverance; is the act of remaining dedicated to something despite the difficulties so as to achieve success.
Self-discipline; refers to the ability to control yourself and act in the way that you think and see is right despite the rejections.
Courage; the term can refer to the ability to pursue what is right and frightens other people.
Responsibility; it is the state of having something to do and control other people.
Step 5; my top values
My personal and work values include teamwork spirit, success, self-discipline, faith, perseverance and compassion. The experience, of working in a team, is memorable since it has led to success in our football club, schoolwork and at the workplace. My role models such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have utilised the teamwork, perseverance and self-discipline values to achieve success.
Step 6; list of my personal/work values in order of priority
I. Teamwork
II. Perseverance
III. Faith
IV. Self-discipline
Works Cited
Gulla, Ashok. Creating Values in Life: Personal, Moral, Spiritual, Family and Social Values. S.l.: Authorhouse, 2010. Print. Read More
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Values Scenario 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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