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Mecdonalds - Term Paper Example

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This corporate entity has a set of goals, objectives, mission, and vision that drive its global business operations. McDonalds’ mission…
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Extract of sample "Mecdonalds"

McDonalds Affiliation: Since its establishment in 1955, McDonalds has grown and expanded to become one of the most popular foodservice retailers in the world today. This corporate entity has a set of goals, objectives, mission, and vision that drive its global business operations. McDonalds’ mission is to be the customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink ( This foodservice retailer values every aspect of its customers, thus the move to offer excellent and exceptional customer service. Continuously enhancing customer experiences is the driving factor behind McDonalds’ mission.
Over and above the aforementioned mission, McDonalds’ vision states that the company aims at becoming the best fast-food restaurant in terms of service and experience ( To achieve this vision, the company focuses on service provision, restaurant cleanliness, and value for the customer. McDonalds believes that the outlined factors play a major role in enhancing its global business.
Finally yet importantly, McDonalds strives to achieve a number of goals and objectives as far as its business is concerned. The company believes that social and environmental improvements are good for the society. In this respect, McDonalds works towards the realization of a sustainable future. This goal essentially involves many stakeholders, among them customers, employees, suppliers, and franchisees. McDonalds’ objective is to become more than just a fast-food restaurant ( In a bid to improve performance and future success, McDonalds works towards creating jobs, collaborating with communities, and fulfilling its brand promise. In essence, McDonalds strives to uphold the best practices in product offering, service delivery, customer experience, and social responsibility.
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Mecdonalds Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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